What Makes The World Multipolar?

What makes the world multipolar is science!

Science is like a blend of coffee, where each grain represents a country, and it takes the union of several countries to produce a blend.

Each blend represents an area of research, such as new health matrices, fuels, energy, gas, water, the electric internet, artificial intelligence – A.I., the Internet of Things – IOT, in short, everything that is sophisticated demands the union of several countries.

Today it is necessary to create several exchange systems and new distribution networks of goods, products and services, decentralized, so that they prevent the use of sanctions such as those imposed on Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Iran, because the single exchange system defends only the interests of the United States and the United Kingdom,  and all nations have the right to exist and the protection of their internal markets.

There is much talk about SDGs and ESG, but in the name of the Economic War NATO, which serves the interests of the United States and the United Kingdom, promote the War of Ukraine against Russia, to prevent the development of Europe and Asia.

NATO’s motto is that “democratic and sustainable” business is the ones that the United States and the United Kingdom participate in, and economies that develop without the participation of both must be fought.

NATO is used to destroy countries and is paid to rebuild countries, this was used in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now with Ukraine. They are paid to destroy countries and rebuild countries.

It is important to note that the United States, Israel, Brazil and many other countries are military democracies. They make the people believe that there is democracy, and through dossiers and fake News, making use of the media, they build narratives that are used in their favor, and yet they do not cease to fall into contradiction.

In the case of the SDGs and ESG we can clearly see how the United States, the United Kingdom and NATO forget the values they stand for. The pipeline that Gazprom is building from Russia to Germany and across Europe allows Europe to meet the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement and Climate Neutrality in 2050, providing low-cost, low-carbon energy. But it is a development that the United Kingdom and the United States do not participate in.

This is NATO’s main reason  for promoting spring in Ukraine, with the rise of  a Nazi government, led by Zelensky, who was elected preaching hatred to Russia, and being used as a puppet by NATO, and then using Ukraine as a cannon bush, to once again defend the interests of states and the United Kingdom.

We need to make clear the reasons for the Ukraine War, so that the people of Europe and the West become aware of the evil that the United States and the United Kingdom inflict on the world, and this external interference promoted by NATO in other countries already justifies its dismantling and its end, so that the world can enter into a long period of peace and prosperity.

By João Humberto Zago Via https://oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=3088