Ukronazi Cargo Plane Explodes On Impact In Greece

Circled Items are Allegedly NATO weapon fragments

An Antonov Cargo plane carrying all sorts from weapons, biological arms and un analysed white powder was seen with a fireball in the night sky until it crash landed in fields a few km away from the city of Kavala in Northern Greece. Who did what and why is too soon to tell. Who will be credited with the event as well. US personnel from their military base in Alexandroupoli with Greek security services have cut off the area. Locals have reported a burning in their throat.

Not long ago Greek Premier Mitsokais invited neo nazi-Azov fighters to speak to the Greek Parliament extolling the almost infamous phrase ‘we are on the right side of history’ ie by supporting NATOists, neo-Nazis and Ukrainian oligarchs. It seems history has corrected this with us now returning to our own antifascist roots with neo nazi military convoys being blown up/shot down etc within Greek airspace.

NATO’s military operations have already expanded into Russian territory more than once and I am not referring to the Donbass or Lugansk regions. Now these operations are being experienced within EU territory. We aren’t going to know what happened not by the powers that be, as there are precedents within recent Greek history.

Downing of Cypriot airliner – 2005

It was in 2005 when a Cypriot airliner was downed in mysterious circumstances in mainland Greece after being told it couldn’t land at the main airport and allegedly a system failure occurred of undisclosed reasons and everyone fell asleep on board. Local residents at the time reported the plane crash landed by a mountain and some passengers were still alive but the police sealed off the area and no one ever heard anything since. The plane by all accounts was shot down when the enforced re-unification of Cyprus was rejected by a referendum which would have meant full scale recognition of the Turkish invasion and occupation.

The airplane owned by ruling circles of Cyprus who had rejected the Referendum by all accounts was shot down as a reprisal. Did we ever find out what led to the alleged mysterious collapse of air pressure in the pilots cockpit which led to them all falling asleep? No.

Did we ever find out who shot down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine? No

Antonov Cargo Plane

This of course was a military flight. The ‘official’ version was that it was flying from Serbia to… Bangladesh.!! The plane was built in 1971 so was over 50 years old and had only half the 20 tonne cargo it could hold. In flight schedule circulated on the internet the plane had previously flown to Turkey, Algeria and France.

Now how was it flying over Greek airspace with close proximity to cities without a military escort only goes to show that the Greek government is not in control one iota and has no issue killing hundreds of Greeks as after all they have killed tens of thousands who have arrived in hospital with Covid or Covid like symptoms and they have met their maker. Without any harsh measures Sweden had less deaths than Greece.

We are dealing with a ruling oligarchy that has no problem extending NATO’s conflict with Russia, providing whatever weapons they are told to and when something like this occurs going silent. Not long ago they blockaded an Iranian cargo ship going to Russia. When they Iranians did they same to two Greek owned ones, they bottled it and released the Iranian without fanfare, ie on the sly.

NATO Provocations

Ukronazis have accused Russians of killing civilians in Bucha, then the Ukronazi armed forces blamed the Railway station attack in Kramatorsk with a Tochka U missile on being a Russian job, then following that they stated in mid-June that Russia bombed the central part of Donetsk with NATO made ammunition.

Will they now blame the Russians who have the right under international law to self-defence from armed cargo shipments being delivered to Kiev to launch attacks on Russians? Even if they do, it will only show how weak they are as it implies Russian capabilities from the Black Sea are excellent to aim at targets deep into the EU.

On the other hand it won’t be in NATO’s interests to do so as after all they have been running the line that the Russians have lost the conflict with the Ukronazis a long time ago. Indeed a radio broadcast this morning had a report in Athens that Zelensky was stating he will take back all territories that Russia now holds. Maybe Saturday nights white powder hasn’t worn off. The Kiev clown still makes pronouncements as if the circus is still going strong. Someone hasn’t told him its curtains went down some time ago….

By Evans Aggelissopoulos Via