Zakharova replies to Di Maio. “Moscow hopes for a government not subservient to US interests”

Di Maio was evidently very annoyed by Medvedev’s post, who had commented on Draghi’s resignation only with a photo with which he wonders who will be next to fall in Europe. 

Wanting to rage free of charge against Russia, Di Maio allowed himself to draw his very unintelligent conclusions: “Moscow toasts! yesterday in Moscow they celebrated for the head of Draghi served to Putin on a silver platter ” 

When it is said, you go looking for them! But Di Maio did not calculate that her teeth are broken against the intelligence and sharpness of Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Someone in Italy had recently been amazed by his ability to stand up to any provocative question and respond at the speed of light, for example, to Massimo Giletti who, inspired by Italian fashion: “we must not let the Russian propaganda speak, but we must oppose and embarrass the interviewee ”, after the interview with Maria Zakharova he felt ill and passed out. The Italian press – to justify the miserable figure of Giletti in the face of the disruptive Zakharova and the uncomfortable truths she spoke to all Italians, characterized her as “very clever” … 

Now we have collected another bad impression: Di Maio’s unfortunate statement «It makes my heart cry to see that on the other side of the world, in Moscow, in an autocracy, there is Medvedev celebrating because one of the most powerful democracies in the world, Italy, has been weakened to such an extent that over there they are celebrating and here we are reflecting on what happens tomorrow ».

It was obvious that Maria Zakharova’s response would immediately follow who, as the Huffpost reports, first, generically, states that “Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio understands nothing of what he deals with”.  

Then, he adds a political consideration: Moscow hopes for Italy “a government not subservient to American interests”. Because if it is true that “it is an internal affair within Italy”, nevertheless “since the Italian Foreign Minister allowed himself to mention Russia in the context of the government crisis, I reply that I wish the Italian people a government that he is concerned with solving the problems created by his predecessors and not serving the interests of the Americans “.

Faced with the sacred truths spoken by Zakharova, what epithet will be used against her this time? 

By Marinella Mondain Via