UPDATE: Monkeypox narrative keeps on rolling

Just three days ago we published Kit Knightly’s piece detailing how the monkey pox rollout is mirroring the way the Covid “pandemic” unfolded.

As can always happen with developing stories, even as that article went to press it was behind the times.

In just the last three days other developments have only added to Kit’s argument:

  • In Germany, the vaccine authority has issued guidance recommending the smallpox vaccine Imvanex for those “at risk” of monkeypox.
  • In the UK, the Health Safety Agency has released new self-isolation guidance for people who test positive for monkeypox.
  • The US has ordered a further 500,000 doses of smallpox vaccines.


The Atlantic published a piece earlier today warning“Could Be the Next Syphilis”.

The Wall Street Journal reports cases “doubling” (to 45).

A paper in Nature asks:

can the global outbreaks be contained?


There are interesting signs of a potential tug-of-war on the monkeypox outbreak going on behind. In the article linked above Kit linked to a New York Times article claiming Monkeypox was airborne.

Yesterday, a statement from the CDC countermanded this, saying it was very unlikely monkeypox was airborne, and that no airborne transmission had been reported to them.

The Washington Post echoed this, reporting:

Number of monkeypox cases grows, but U.S. officials say overall risk is low

But then the WHO waded in to say monkeypox could be airborne after all…but only in short range.

And then, today, the New York Times ran this story:

C.D.C. Dismisses Airborne Transmission of Monkeypox. Some Experts Disagree.

A real back-and-forth going on. Perhaps different factions of the Deep State are fighting over the Monkeypox steering wheel? Or perhaps its play-fighting to create an illusion of discord?


From the beginning, it has been reported that monkeypox is most prevalent in “men who have sex with men” (why they ubiquitously use this phrase and not just “gay men”, I have no idea).

The volume on this is increasing, with stories from UK sources today saying “sex with anonymous partners” and “unsafe sex” are aiding the spread of monkeypox and making contact tracing difficult.

The head of the CDC has pointed out that monkeypox patients tend to have sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Considering this, the “outbreak” starting just before Pride month began becomes a suspicious piece of timing.

Via https://off-guardian.org/2022/06/11/update-monkeypox-narrative-keeps-on-rolling/