The Global Significance of the Belt and Road Initiative

“One of the most consequential landmarks in Chinese-Arab relations is the ‘Arab Policy Paper’ released by China in 2016. The paper emphasised historic cooperation, peaceful relations and the openness of each civilisation towards the other. [..] noticeably it encouraged China and the Arabs to work together on ‘building a new type of international relations’ that would safeguard state sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.”

Excerpt from a research paper produced by Wathiqat Wattan Foundation in Damascus, Syria.

In this conversation with the brilliant journalist Vanessa Beeley, I discussed the relevance of China’s Ancient Silk Road to the modern day geopolitical power games that are playing out globally. Western propaganda designed to criminalise China is dissected and while not all questions are answered as the world hegemonic schisms are being revealed to us, this conversation should bring insight and transparency to many legitimate concerns about our future.