According to reports received from the official media, as well as from those involved in the conflict in Ukraine from the allied forces of Russia and the LDPR, there is a trend of widespread use of foreign mercenaries on the side of the AFU.

On February 27, 2022, the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine was founded by order of President Vladimir Zelensky. It consisted of mercenaries from both NATO and post-Soviet countries, such as Georgia and Belarus.

There is also more and more information about the participation in the war of representatives of U.S. satellites, such as Britain, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, etc. Unfortunately, information about participation often appears after such people have been captured by Allied forces.

Foreign Mercenaries In Ukraine. Kiev's Road To Abyss

Belarusian pro-Western mercenaries in Ukraine

Moreover, the leaders of countries whose citizens are mercenaries appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to treat them humanely. For example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already done so when he appealed to the Russian authorities to treat his citizens with mercy.

Foreign Mercenaries In Ukraine. Kiev's Road To Abyss

British mercenary Aiden Eslin is a prisoner of war in the allied forces of Russia and the LDPR

However, there is more and more information about the presence of cadres of NATO countries in Ukraine. As early as February 9, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law allowing foreign military personnel to enter Ukraine to participate in full-scale military exercises. This legislative platform gave NATO countries military personnel the right to be present on Ukrainian territory and was a consequence of the provision of the Ukrainian Constitution on striving to join the North-Atlantic alliance.

“Polish mercenaries and regular military personnel have long and willingly fought in Ukraine. It is much easier for Poland and other NATO countries to send already trained Alliance military personnel to Ukraine than to retrain Ukrainian ones. Without the intervention of Western specialists, the weapons supplied to Ukraine will not shoot and drive by themselves.” This statement was made by Polish political analyst Konrad Renkas.
“It is known that citizens of the Republic of Poland are already fighting in Ukraine, and they are not show volunteers, but mercenaries and military personnel sent there by order. The participation of foreigners in the conflict will grow because the equipment and weapons sent in bulk to the Kiev authorities will not shoot themselves. The tragedy for Ukrainians is that in this situation hostilities may continue until the last Ukrainian soldier is sent to the front in the criminal plans of Kiev and the West. Even then, however, Ukraine will not cease to be a battlefield, because Poles, Canadians, Brits and others will continue to fight in Ukrainian uniforms, just to support this blazing fire”.

Moreover, among some members of the U.S. military lobby, the view is spreading that NATO’s participation in the war on the side of Ukraine should be expanded.

The former head of the U.S. Special Operations Command in Europe, Mike Repass, is a military adviser to the Armed Forces and in his opinion supplies of Western weapons to Kiev are not effective enough.
In this regard, the retired general believes that NATO should prepare and send a 40,000-strong group of Ukrainian troops to Ukraine “to conduct offensive operations to dislodge the Russians.”

“We need the U.S., France, Poland, Britain and Germany to each create a Ukrainian military unit equivalent to a brigade. These countries have enough military potential, so they will be able to form Ukrainian military forces, equip and train them on their territory.”

Repass is confident that with NATO equipment, air defense equipment and support from Western aviation, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will begin to fight more effectively against the Russian armed forces in a “Western style”.

Thus, the West is not currently in the mood for the resumption of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia, but provokes an escalation of the conflict in every possible way, without getting directly involved in it.