The Truth About China, Russia and the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapon Complex

This week, Matt Ehret was invited to speak on the Mel K Show in order to shed some light on the strategic roots of the Pentagon’s global bioweapons complex running 320+ biolabs across the world.

How did this opaque and dangerous network grow out of the 2001 Anthrax attacks which began on Sept. 18, 2001 and the earlier Dark Winter exercises? How is this connected to the absorption of General Hiro Ishii’s Unit 731 bio terror network into Fort Detrick after WWII? How were plans for a post-war age of win-win cooperation sabotaged by the same machine that funded and directed the rise of fascism both prior to and even during WWII?

During the interview, a sober assessment of the growth of the US full spectrum “containment” policy encircling both Russia and China, and the various US military satraps of the Pacific whose sovereignty is in name only. Among those military colonies, we discuss South Korean, Japan, Taiwan, Guam and even increasingly the Philippines.

Other questions addressed: How have WWII nazi collaborators in Japan been glorified as national heroes in Japan, just as they have in Ukraine? How has Ukraine become the “Ukraine of the Pacific”, how has Hong Kong become the CIA of the Pacific? What asymmetric, economic and biowarfare techniques have been deployed by the Anglo-American oligarchy against both Chinese, Russian and American people? And finally, what can we do about this?