Since the Anglosphere predicated its economic competition and global dominance on the ability to contain (as with the Soviet Union and China), destroy (as with the Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria), dominate (as with the Global South), and in light of the inflation and decline in living standards at home, they may find the prospect of starting a war of the scale of WWII extremely tempting, as the aforementioned war brought them immediate economic turnaround and propelled them to global dominance.


Who else heard the saying “when all else fails, they take you to war”? As the Anglosphere attained and maintained global domination through divide-conquer-loot wars, it’s plausible that they are returning to their default settings, especially now when they are faced with  Zombie economies dominated by a few too-large-to-fail-corporations while masses grapple with inflation and decline in living standards. As the Russian Operation “Z” continues and Anglo-Saxons continue kicking and screaming, it is easy to think that the latter will peacefully accept the rising world order. Instead, the US & UK have been talking at (and not to) Russia from Warsaw, London, and Washington DC, hoping that their vassals, former colonies will faithfully toe the line and play along with their sanction games, kill their economies and ruin Russian society in the process. However, as things turned out, commonsense, and self-preservation has kicked in in most countries, including the BRICS, refusing to be dragged into sanction wars and instead prioritizing their interests. Anglo-Saxons seem to be left with the EU, and aging Japan as their remaining colonies to impoverish and manipulate. Some may already be celebrating this positive development in which The Anglosphere’s attention should be focused on addressing inflation and falling living standards at home, but I am not optimistic. The Anglo-Saxons and their operators may find the prospect of starting a war of the scale of WWII extremely tempting for the reasons I will explain below.

Perfect Motivation-Failing Economy

The US & UK May Start WWIII As An Economic Turn-Around Strategy

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The US & UK May Start WWIII As An Economic Turn-Around Strategy

A graph showing how WWII resolved unemployment

US-UK economies are entering a stagnation phase similar to the kind Japan experienced in 1991 at the beginning of the lost decade. You don’t have to take my word for it but even western media can no longer hide that western economies are dominated by zombie too-large-to-fail corporations that are in bed with their corrupt governments while the masses grapple with the largest decline in living standards since the 1950s. Considering how the US-UK chose to use wars instead of fair economic competition when they had a clear advantage, why should anyone expect that they are now willing to compete fairly out of their predicament?

When the United States emerged from WWII controlling 50% of the world GDP and its Cousin, the British Empire controlling 10%, the Anglosphere still chose not to compete fairly despite this unassailable advantage. Instead, they preferred to contain the rest of the world from growing and hence launched as many wars as we all know. With such economic, political, and cultural capital, it is hard to understand why they couldn’t choose to compete and let others be. I propose that it’s either because they have a very low opinion of themselves relative to the rest of the world or they just hate the rest of the world. I am driving a very simple premise here that since the Anglosphere predicated their global dominance on the ability to contain (as with the Soviet Union and China), destroy (as with the Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East) and dominate (as with the Global South) when they had a clear advantage, how much destructive can they be when they have no advantage? They now have a perfect excuse.

Perfect Excuse

Some here have read Churchill’s statement “never let a good crisis go to waste”, and the west’s globalist cabal has had a perfect storm since 2019. As they were waiting for a projected global financial crisis resulting from the capitalist cycle and senseless Quantitative Easing (money printing) since 2008, Covid-19 appeared giving them freehand to act as they please, launching the global reset further zombifying their economies. Since the means of production moved from small hands to big businesses; small suppliers, landlords, and groceries found themselves closing while established tech-driven chains including Amazon grew. The Elite’s wealth grew by several hundred percent as masses were scampering for safety in their apartments wearing masks, and about a million Americans died. The likes of Trudeau, Biden, and Boris Johnson among other opportunists rose to or cemented their power, such that by the end, Trudeau could use mounted soldiers on protesters, and Biden can call reporters Stupid Son Of A Bitch without political responsibility. As the US government intensified money printing injecting 6 trillion in 2 years and further widening wealth and income gap, a perfect diversion had to be created by instigating a war in Europe as a perfect excuse. People can note that Biden blames falling living standards and Inflation, which started 3 years ago on “Putin’s war” that started 2 months ago.

Perfect Diversion

The Anglo-Saxons have their back against their walls, even after spawning war in Ukraine and attempting to grab Russian wealth first through seizing its assets, trying to devalue the Ruble, and attempting to receive Russian oil and gas without paying. Everything else they could do to loot the rest of the world has not resuscitated their economies. We are talking about a cabal that just the other day sold billions of vials of water with RNA strands in the guise of vaccines and in effect defrauded the rest of the world trillions. They sold untested remedies that caused more deaths than Covid-19 illness without responsibility. Despite these efforts, inflation ranges at home, meaning that the rest of the world is not taking up their fiat currency as fast as it should.

The US & UK May Start WWIII As An Economic Turn-Around Strategy

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Looking and the headlines from the west, it’s clear that their economy is doing worse than it has ever been in recent history despite their frantic “remedial” moves as BBC and Guardian revealed. It is fair to speculate that since the US allocates the lion’s share of its federal budget to the military, and since budgets reflect priorities, its seems that their first priority has been war. Alfred McCoy, bemoaning the collapse of the American empire recalled how it wrung the Eurasian continent with military bases and defense treaties. He later reveals that the gravest mistake in the American empire was investing a huge amount of its resources to fight its way to unfettered access to Middle Eastern oil through destroying Iraq among other countries. McCoy’s view suggests that the US planned to control access to this resource and deny adversaries access and hence direct economic growth and chock the rest of the world. However, as the world transition to other forms of energy and other oil producer appear out of the Middle East, the US has to remain with its oil and killing fields in the Middle East and inflation-ridden economy while Eurasia develops. Against such strategic miscalculations for the Anglosphere, a major war of the proportion of WWII which turned their economies around and propelled them to global dominance seems like a particularly tempting option. Such temptations may explain why they were signing a WWII-style Atlantic charter last year.

Established War Mongering Tradition

The US & UK May Start WWIII As An Economic Turn-Around Strategy

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It was just the other day when the US&UK were prowling international waters, threatening Iranian vessels, seizing others, and stealing oil from its tankers. This resulted in the Iranian seizure of the UK tanker, Stena Impero. If you remember very well, Anglo-Saxons were competing among themselves on who would lead a naval coalition to provoke Iran in the Persian Gulf, just as they are now trying to outdo themselves on who will deliver the most weapons to Ukraine. The western audiences were convinced that Iran posed a great threat, and when Iran ignored the warmongers, the west went as far as killing Qasem Soleimani in an event that could have engulfed the entire Middle East in another war in addition to the ones the US&UK have been waging killing over half a million civilians. Afterwards, the unrepentant, hubris-ridden Anglo-Saxons sent their war vessels to maraud in the South China Sea claiming how China was a threat to its neighbors that happen to be its key trading partners and for which China is spending billions of US dollars building roads, rails, and ports. In their characteristic blind belligerence, western military vessels were literally colliding with unidentified objects and civilian vessels in the region. Reports circulated that the queen’s Aircraft Carrier was participating in such events without enough aircraft, and one of the few birds its deck flew into the Mediterranean. China too ignored them, and they turned to accelerate a crisis they started 8 years ago, and facilitate Kiev-led Nazis to ethnically cleanse Russians right under Russia’s nose. Noteworthy, arms started flowing to Ukraine and sanctions to Russia, even before Operation “Z” started. Who wants to try and convince me that Anglo-Saxons will stop there?

By Simon Chege Ndiritu Via