Me Diving Into History.

Those of you who read discussion boards in the last 48 hours may remember this post of mine. 


I cannot emphasize enough a point which is absolutely not understood in the combined West–there is a new generation of Russia’s heroes which did what many didn’t believe it will happen–they tied together Russian-Soviet history, they made it continuous and unbreakable from the Red Army to modern times. Patriarch Kirill’s Good Friday sermon in main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces was astonishing in invocation of Soviet victory in Great Patriotic War and extolling the sacrifice in the fight against Fascism. Metaphysically the combined West not just lost, it was demolished and when many Russian cities are covered in graffiti like that, especially drawn by young people–it is a metaphysical and spiritual victory.

I was talking about this Babushka with the Banner of Victory, who absolutely summarized a decade of a dramatic re-alignment in Russia’s life which saw a new generation emerging which was and is now fighting for Russia and their return to Russia’s historic roots and tying together Russia’s history is an event whose significance cannot be overstated. Larry Johnson also reflected on it:


Documentaries made in the west paint that war as the United States and United Kingdom saving the Russians. A common theme is that Stalin was begging for the western allies to open a front in Europe to take the heat off of Russian forces. And it was the western Allies who uncovered the horrors of the Holocaust. Hollywood loves a story where the villain is well defined and the heroes can surmount seemingly impossible obstacles. I believe that the failure of the west to understand and appreciate what Russia (then the Soviet Union) accomplished in World War II is at the root of its failure to understand what Russia is doing today in the Ukraine.

So, I decided to make the video today about metaphysics of symbols. 


It is about addressing and referring to “communal subconscious” for Russians and it has much greater ramifications than many would think. I posted many times in this blog a 2010 video of a gigantic crowd of youth in Luzhniki Arena singing in unison one of the most important songs from one of the most important Soviet/Russian movies ever. 


This was 12 years ago, and then there was 2015 celebration. I wrote about it in my first book. This concert is being removed from YouTube time after time–they know the danger for them and these are not just weapons.


This, like a holy water sprinkled on devil, gets them all burned and screeching from pain.