The Shocking Truth about the Khazarian Mafia myth, the Rothschilds and Manifest Destiny

In this discussion with Vincent Boccarossa and Brandi Barnes (representatives of the Alternative Educational Alliance), Matt Ehret breaks down the role of the Rothschilds (and other nominally Jewish mercenary banking dynasties) within world history and unpacks the untold story of the Khazarian dynasty during the 8-10th century AD.

We also discuss the role of the ancient oligarchical families as a parasite class which has an unbroken continuity from ancient Babylon through several phases of empire to the present day and how this system thrives off of a religious like committment to a certain fixed cosmology that projects their own perverse inadequacies onto not only the entire species of mankind, but the universe as a whole and its Creator.

From this standpoint a broader discussion of human nature, world history and open systems is also unpacked with a large focus on the forgotten Christian-Muslim-Confucian-Jewish ecumenical alliance of the 7-9th century and the restoration of this renaissance dynamic in the form of the 15th century Golden Renaissance, 1776 Declaration of Independence, 19th century rise of Manifest Destiny (vs an evil variant) and the current potential arising through the New Silk Road.

Other topics unpacked: 1) How Venice covered up its role in world history and how the oligarchy transplanted itself from Venice into Britain after the failure of the 1509 League of Cambrai, 2) Why Andrew Jackson (not Alexander Hamilton) is a traitor and deep state tool who decapitated the most powerful instrument of economic sovereignty by killing the Hamilton’s national bank 3) The true reason Hamilton was killed by Rothschild agent Aaron Burr in 1804, and 4) what the Silk Road principle is tapping into as a force of universal progress.