Israel Risks Ruining Its De Facto Alliance With Russia In Order To Please The US

The pro-US faction of the Israeli deep state is actively working to dismantle the Rusrael project at full speed but is being opposed to a degree by their multipolar rivals within that institution, though the sequence of events that they just set into motion might prove to be irreversible and thus lead to a substantial revision of bilateral relations.

Russian-Israeli relations had comprehensively strengthened so much in the past decade to the point of a de facto alliance driven by President Putin’s passionate philo-Semitism that one could begin to speak of them in the singular as “Rusrael”, but all of this is now suddenly at risk after Israel’s post-Netanyahu government decisively voted against their Eurasian ally at the UN to condemn it for the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine and to kick it out of the Human Rights Council. Israel had been perfectly positioned to host Russian-Ukrainian peace talks before turning against Russia at that global body, which it did in order to please the US in spite of Washington actively working against Tel Aviv’s interests by continuing to negotiate a new nuclear deal with its Iranian rival.

Moscow obviously took note of its de facto ally’s unfriendly stance by appropriately releasing a strongly worded statement from its Foreign Ministry which reads as follows:
“We noted another anti-Russian attack made on April 7 by Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in the context of his country’s support for the UN General Assembly resolution to suspend the Russian Federation’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council. We have already given our assessments of this unlawful and politically-motivated resolution.

The statements of the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry cause regret and rejection. There is a thinly veiled attempt to take advantage of the situation around Ukraine in order to divert the attention of the international community from one of the oldest unresolved conflicts – the Palestinian-Israeli one. As you know, in violation of numerous decisions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly, the Israeli government continues the illegal occupation and ‘creeping annexation’ of Palestinian territories, as a result of which over 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank of the Jordan River today live in scattered enclaves cut off from the outside world.

The Gaza Strip has essentially become an ‘open-air prison’, whose two million people have been forced to survive for almost 14 years under the conditions of the sea, air and land blockade imposed by Israel. It is also noteworthy that Israel’s course of maintaining the longest occupation in the post-war world history is carried out with the tacit connivance of the leading Western countries and the actual support of the United States.”

While Russia has consistently stood in solidarity with Palestine at the UN, it hadn’t condemned Israel for its continued occupation of that country in such harsh terms in years, perhaps even decades.

What’s happening is that the “Rusrael” project that President Putin and former Prime Minister Netanyahu worked so closely to develop in pursuit of their shared vision of turning this axis into the most influential one in West Asia is now actively being dismantled by his successor. This isn’t in Israel’s objective interests since linking its future with the declining American hegemon carries with it many more risks that carving out a role for itself in the emerging Multipolar World Order that Russia is largely responsible for shaping. Few across the world will even realize the potential disappearance of this project though since the global media actively suppressed any serious discussion about it.

The Alt-Media Community (AMC) and their Mainstream Media (MSM) rivals did their utmost to prevent anyone from talking about it, each for their own polar opposite perception management reasons driven by their respective ideologies. The first-mentioned portrays Israel as the ultimate evil and Russia as the ultimate good so it would have caused cognitive dissonance among their audience to acknowledge Rusrael’s existence. The MSM, meanwhile, reverses these roles and was thus also concerned about provoking similar such cognitive dissonance among their own audience. This dynamic resulted in most of the world being unaware that Rusrael even existed because it went against the ideological interests of these two global media factions.

Looking forward, it might be premature to write Rusrael’s eulogy, but the developing trajectory suggests that this outcome might ultimately indeed transpire with time if Israel doesn’t urgently implement a course correction. Its military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) are split between pro-US and multipolar schools of thought, with the former having returned to policymaking prominence upon Netanyahu’s loss in the latest elections. This faction is actively working to dismantle the Rusrael project at full speed but is being opposed to a degree by their multipolar rivals within the Israeli “deep state”, though the sequence of events that the pro-US school just set into motion might prove to be irreversible and thus lead to a substantial revision of bilateral relations.

By Andrew Korybko Via