On April 4, SouthFront received a letter from the AdsKeeper platform, which provided contextual advertising services on Months ago, AdsKeeper was informed that SF has been unfairly included in the US sanctions lists since the beginning of 2021, but continues to operate in accordance with its principles. The essence of the letter was the requirement to remove some of the content from our site. The subsequent correspondence deserves the closest attention of the international community:

Hello SF,

Due to the aggression of russia against Ukraine, in order to continue our cooperation, we urge you to remove the content containing russian propaganda from the site. And also, change the payment method, namely change the country from russia to any other, since payments to russia are not available.

Here are the screenshot of content that should be removed:


Hello Adskeeper,

I cannot get why there are Russian propaganda. The information in the cited posts is fully confirmed, including by EU journalists. We have not seen a single noteworthy claim or proof that this is not true. In one of the pieces there is a call from a UK citizen at all.


Hello SF,

This information does not correspond to reality, the whole world has already admitted that there are no Nazis in Ukraine except for the russian army, which attacked Ukraine for no reason and kills the civilian population, including women and children, in the most cruel ways. If you support the country of the aggressor and intend to continue spreading russian propaganda, which is a lie and nothing else, we will be forced to stop our cooperation and all available funds will be transferred to the needs of Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Hello Adskeeper,

Can you be more specific about what exact information do not correspond to reality?

As far as the conflict in Ukraine is concerned, it has been going on for eight years and we cover the position of all sides.

Yes, by the way, the UK has just blocked an emergency UNSC meeting on Bucha, where an investigation into the crimes in Bucha is to be considered. They were committed by the Russians, right? So the British government is Russian propaganda. I suggest you freeze their funds and send them to Ukraine.

There is still no reply to the last letter… Apparently, AdsKeeper decided to check the UK government’s pro-Russian activities.

We sincerely wish that AdsKeeper freezes not a few hundred US dollars belonging to the SF Team, but hundreds of millions of pounds from the UK government, allocated for propaganda, fakes and support for Nazism. These funds should be immediately sent to the affected residents of Ukraine and the republics of Donbass.

We also inform our readers and viewers that the site has been subjected to fierce hacker attacks for the last 4 days. In this regard, there may be difficulties with the speed of the website. You can find all the information from SF in our official telegram channel: