Ukraine – Smoke And Mirrors Around Poisonous Peace Talks

The disinformation department of the British MI6 secret service and its ‘non-government-organization’ Bellingcrap are offering another of their laughable ‘chemical weapon’ and ‘poisoning’ fairy tales:

Roman Abramovich and two Ukraine peace negotiators ‘suffered a suspected POISONING that caused the skin to peel off their faces after attending talks this month’ …

The Chelsea FC owner was reportedly poisoned just weeks ago after a meeting in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv whilst he acted as a ‘peacemaker’ in the Russian war in Ukraine, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Following the meeting in Kyiv, Abramovich as well as two senior members of the Ukrainian team developed symptoms that included red eyes, painful streaming eyes as well as peeling skin on their faces and hands, sources told the newspaper.

Abramovich, who accepted a Ukrainian request to help negotiate an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, also ‘lost his sight for several hours’ and was treated at a hospital in Turkey, a source told The Guardian.

Analysts at Bellingcat confirmed that three members of the delegation – including Abramovich – attending the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on 3 March experienced ‘symptoms consistent with poisoning with chemical weapons’.

Abramovich, another Russian entrepreneur and Ukrainian MP Rustem Umerov had been taking part in the negotiations, with the talks lasting until about 10 pm, investigative news site Bellingcat said.

The three members of the delegation left the talks on 3 March to an apartment in Kyiv later that night.

Whilst there, they were all suffering from eye and skin inflammation and piercing pain in their eyes until the next morning. The three men had consumed only chocolate and water in the hours before the symptoms appeared.

A fourth member of the team who also consumed the same food and water did not experience symptoms.

The symptoms experienced by Abramovich and the two other negotiators subsided by the end of the following week.

The peace talks on Thursday, March 3, between Ukraine and Russia took place in Brest region of Belarus:

The tentative agreement [for humanitarian corridors], reached in Belarus, came as Russian forces continued to surround and attack Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kyiv, and the second-biggest city of Kharkiv.

Pictures taken by Denys Kirieiev for AFP show four of the Ukrainian negotiators. The picture below is from the same series as the picture used by AlJazeerah which is marked as:

Negotiators shake hands prior to the talks between delegations from Ukraine and Russia in Belarus’s Brest region on March 3, 2022 [Maxim Guchek/AFP]

Those four on the Ukrainian side seem to have been the only Ukrainian negotiators who were there.

Rustem Umerov, pictured below, seems to be the third from the left in the upper picture:

But Roman Abramovich, pictured below, is not in the March 3 peace talks picture:

It therefore seem wrong what Bellingcat claims in the above piece. Abramovich did not attend the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on March 3.

It may well be though that after the peace talks in Belarus were held some of the Ukrainian delegation, including Rustem Umerov, had a meeting with Abramovich in Kiev.

Later it is said three of them went from there to an apartment in Kiev where they suffered some symptoms.

Bellingcrap is of course asserting, with zero evidence, that Russia was involved in that:

Sources told WSJ they blamed the suspected poisoning attack on hard-liners in Moscow who wanted to ruin talks to end the war. The victims meanwhile said they were not aware of who would have an interest in the attack.

Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev, who was part of the team that concluded the Kremlin had poisoned Russian politician Alexei Navalny with a nerve agent in 2020, said he had seen the effects of the poisoning on Abramovich and the other negotiators.

‘It was not intended to kill, it was just a warning,’ Grozev said.

Who was the fourth member of the meeting who did not suffer symptoms? Would he not be the most suspect for poisoning of the others participants? Was he connected to Moscow hardliners?

Was it the peace negotiator who shortly thereafter suffered something much worse than curious poisoning symptoms. Something which is left out of the current reporting.

On Saturday March 5 the Kiev Independent reported:

According to Ukrainska Pravda sources, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation that met with Russia, was shot dead by the Security Service of Ukraine officers as they were trying to detain him. The man was allegedly Denys Kirieiev, a former deputy chairman of Oschadbank. The SBU had “strong evidence” he was leaking information to Russia.

Below is a picture of Denys Kireev. He is not in the picture of the Ukrainian delegation in the March 3 talks shown above.

Denys Kireev is however shown at the end of the table in a picture of the Ukrainian delegation for peace talks on February 28. Some other participants of the March 3 talks also took part in that meeting.

A day after it was reported that Denys Kireev, the ‘traitor’, had been killed by the SBU, he was named a hero:

Clashing reports emerged Saturday surrounding the death of a Ukrainian identified by media as a member of the country’s negotiating team with Russia.

First, widespread reports in local media and social media throughout the day claimed Denis Kireev, who had been photographed taking part in negotiations in Belarus in recent days, had been killed by Ukrainian security forces during an attempt to arrest him.

Kireev, the reports asserted, had been suspected of treason.

A subsequent Facebook post by Ukraine’s defense ministry confirmed Kireev’s death, but asserted that he was an intelligence operative for Ukraine who died in the line of duty.

“During the performance of special tasks, three scouts were killed — employees of the Chief Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,” the statement said, naming Kireev among those killed.

“They died, defending Ukraine, and their act brought us closer to victory,” it said. “Heroes don’t die! They live so long as we remember them!”

The discrepancies between the two conflicting accounts of his death could not be immediately accounted for.

There are indeed a lot of discrepancies within and in between all those reports that can not be accounted for.

That is likely because various Ukrainians, as well as their ‘western’ supporters, are lying about everything they can lie about. They do that because they usually get away with it. This time however the Ukrainian government was not yet coordinated well enough to keep those lies up:

Tim Franks @BBCTimFranks – 19:31 UTC · Mar 28, 2022

… Ihor Zhovkva – Deputy Head of President’s Office – speaking to Newshour, @bbcworldservice.

He said he hadn’t spoken to Abramovich or his people, but “the members of the Ukrainian delegation are fine; I was in contact with one of them, and they said the story was false.”