A New Novel Exposing the New Normal Deception

Two years in the making, John C. A. Manley’s long-awaited novel, Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story, will be released to the world during a Vaccine Choice Canada live online event on March 30, 2020 at 7 pm EDT. In a way only fiction can depict, this 500-page novel exposes the inhumanity of the COVID-19 deception and portrays the courageous non-compliance required to stop it.

“Much Ado About Corona weaves a fascinating, entertaining, and sometimes very sad story, full of irony and subtle humour,” says Dr. Éva Székely, retired psychologist, and author of Never Too Thin, “The protagonist’s narrative is full of sarcasm, openness and directness. Heart warming and outright hilarious.”

“With the dawn of COVID-19,” says author John C. A. Manley, “it was apparent that wordsmiths serving the established power had been hard at work coming up with a narrative, and even a new normal language, to lure people into accepting medical dictatorship. To counter the onslaught of this well-prepared attack on the minds and hearts of humanity, I began writing Much Ado About Corona at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020.”

Manley’s “dystopian love story” begins shortly after that first lockdown ends in the fictional Canadian town of Moosehead, Northern Ontario. Twenty-four-year-old Vincent McKnight emerges from three months of stay-at-home orders into a surreal new normal of multi-coloured face masks, acrid hand sanitizers, and germaphobic neighbours standing six feet apart.

The new normal becomes even stranger when Vince’s Indigenous grandfather sends him to buy a loaf of bread from the town’s new baker. Stefanie Müller speaks five languages, has beautiful blue eyes… and is a certified conspiracy theorist. She believes the pandemic is a hoax being perpetrated to justify totalitarian “public health” measures.

But when the local cop pulls out his taser, Stefanie’s dystopian premonitions no longer seem so theoretical. And when the restrictions threaten Granddad’s life, Vince finds himself going face-to-mask with the emerging police state—forced to choose whether to follow senseless rules or to follow his pounding heart.

Former writer, director and producer of CTV’s W-5, CBC’s Beachcombers and NBC’s Dateline, Patrick Corbett, says: “Sometimes fiction is the best way to get the truth across. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens knew that and so does John Manley. He has crafted a ripping story of courage, awakening and love (with some good laughs thrown in) all in the time of COVID. As with the truth, you won’t want to put Much Ado About Corona down.”

John C. A. Manley launched one of the first websites to question the COVID measures. He’s worked as a freelance ghostwriter for over a decade, often writing on behalf of health professionals.

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story is his debut novel and will be available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon on March 30, 2022; followed by hardcover a week later, with distribution expanding to other retailers. One can register for the live event at wed.vaccinechoicecanada.com or find out more about the novel at muchadoaboutcorona.ca/the-novel