Mongols – October – Ukraine: Katehonic Position Of The Present War

By building a new Iron Curtain – the West makes a gift to Russia, almost the same as October Revolution and the Mongol invasion. After all, it was thanks to the famous Mongol Rule – this part of Ruthenia avoided Westernization, and thus delay the peripherisation processes.

How fantastic is this difference of a perspective! And how funny are these cheers for McDonalds leaving Russia, for the SWIFT blockade and of course for all what should crash any politician locating his country within the Western system.  It is a real music for ears of all who wants to take Russia apart Russia from this whole degeneration.  After all, the more the West cuts itself off from Russia, the better for her.  The easier it will be for her to transform and reject the remnants of addiction, Západnik’s tendencies, influences and sentiments.

The best thing that ever happened to Russia from the West

There will be no junk fast foods? They will be healthier and slimmer.  FB and other feel offended?  Protecting youth from the enemy’s subliminal propaganda.  Western factories? To nationalisation.  Blocking knowledge transfers? Declining of the Paris Convention, free medicines and cost-free acquisition of technology.  Cutting off the possibility of dollar settlements? Suffocating capitalism with a currency surplus and boosting inflation in the West – the common basket of yuan-ruble-rupee-rial in the East and South.  If Russia finally decides that does not want to be part of the West – there is nothing the West can do to her.  Well, of course, apart from a nuclear game of chicken, and then it is just one to win…

By building a new Iron Curtain – the West makes a gift to Russia, almost the same as October Revolution and the Mongol invasion.  After all, it was thanks to the famous Mongol Rule – this part of Ruthenia avoided Westernization, and thus delay the peripherisation processes.  In turn, the October Revolution and the Bolsheviks katehonically interrupted the process of liberalising Russia, drawing her into the great capital sphere of influence.  The Ukrainian War (judging by Moscow’s determination – quite consciously) is the third such great chance.  A chance that we can, unfortunately, only envy our Russian brothers.


Of course, so far these are only gestures, symbolically corresponding to the DeMcDonaldisation of Russia.  These processes may be reversed at any time and the West will return to the attempts of Geocultural and Geoeconomic subjugation of the Eastern Enemy.  The war, however, disturbed this civilisation invasion, and now it depends only on the Russians whether they will use this moment.

That is true that sanctions can be more than burdensome for a single state with the ‘besieged-fortress’ syndrome, as we can see on the example of Iran.  On the other hand, and most importantly – the self-limitation of the mechanisms of external enslavement perfectly accumulates internal freedom in such situations, which was convincingly described on the Iranian example by Antonio Negri, and I have seen it with my own eyes many times there. Only a society perfectly liberated from external influences – is able to enjoy, celebrate and, above all, use its own separateness.  Even if it poor.  Even if imperfect, subjected to internal interconnections or even oligarchies.  But only own ones – and with the hope of purely internal cure.  Especially if this time not only one country is excluded, but the entire Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Bloc, possibly even a transcontinental one.

Aleksandr Gelyevich’s smile

The exclusion of Russia, and possibly even China, outside the modern World-System would be an unprecedented event, for never before has liberal capitalism voluntarily allowed such significant areas to be outside its direct sphere of accumulation.  In fact, China was seen as the new centre of global capital!  Contrary to appearances, the desperate moves of Washington and London may turn out to be a hysterical defence of declining centres against the upcoming change, quite clearly polycentric and built on the rubble of dollar domination.  Cutting off Russia appears to be delaying the inevitable – the decline of global hegemony and the change of the global balance of power.  And it would be a funny paradox if that work would be completed by the present technocratic administration of the Russian Federation, which was, in fact, always focused on the West and reluctant to any civilisation disputes.

Vladimir Putin suddenly getting on Alexander Dugin’s shoes raises a smile – of course very friendly one.  Because it is a moment that reverses the impression of who in Russia turned out to be a realist, and who (too long) believed in own dreams, hopes and naivety.  The President of the Russian Federation is perhaps neither Alexander Nevsky, nor Ivan the Terrible, nor Lenin, and for sure not Stalin – but yet he is pragmatically trying to cope with what is simply a necessity for today’s and especially future Russia: another resistance against the West.  As in the past against the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, Roman popes acting with Polish hands, liberalism using Napoleon, then the Februarists and interveners, finally Hitler and then American imperialism

Fatima crusade?

And that this is a truly civilisational war – the attitude of the Vatican also proves.  Pope Francis’ decision to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (fatally pleasing some Catholic traditionalists) – is a political declaration of great importance and even enormous harmfulness.  This step is perceived by Orthodox Christians as a blessing of the remake of the Fourth Crusade, with Moscow in the role of Constantinople conquered by Western anti-crusaders.  For any Orthodox, it sounds like this: the Bishop of Rome (who himself rejected his own title of Patriarch of the West) dedicates an area outside his canonical jurisdiction to a dogma not declared by the Ecumenical Council.  Politically, for the Orthodox, this call is “Make Russia Roman-Catholic, I bless you!”.  The only joke is that the possible invasion of Russia will not be carried out under the banner of the Marquises of Montferrat, but directly by the globalist neo-Venice.  Acting openly, even without the Roman-Catholic staffage.  Put simply, in the East it sounds like this: the Church of Rome joins NATO and McDonalds.

So, speaking a bit more politologically – both the main ideological streams of the West, Liberalism and Conservatism (because this is how the Catholic Church is perceived and understood, whatever the marginal reactionary would think of the present Pope) unite against Russia.  Well, you could think of different projects to encourage our Russian brothers to the next Great Patriotic War – but I must admit that so far almost all of them have been used.  Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic bishops blessed the rosaries of various troops when they went against Russia – and it never ended well. Especially for Roman Catholicism…

Behind the fence of history

President Putin never wanted to repeat Battle on the Ice, it is not that character type.  Contemporary Russians would also probably not care if they ate a trampled Quarter-Pounder or pilau.  Sometimes, however, the choice comes from outside.  With the Mongolian horde, an organised group of ideological fanatics – or an enemy-imposed war that apparently must have broken out now when it had just broken out.  I envy you these choices made for you Russian brothers.

By Konrad Rękas Via