The Menticide Manual – Dark Magic

Witchcraft and sorcery do exist and are practiced everywhere in the world. They are scientifically demonstrable.


Every writer on this planet MUST NECESSARILY believe in magic because they know that their written words have an effect on people. There is no physical causality.

All great literature is in effect magic, light magic or dark magic, or shades in between. The Malleus Maleficarum by Jakob Spengler is about how to trial and torture witches. It is very dark magic.

Churches are literally shelters to keep out Lucifer and his minions.

Our children love magical creatures such as the tooth fairy, unicorns and Santa Claus. DisneyLand is bynamed “The Magic Kingdom” – least we‘d forgotten. Those are supposed to be light magic of course.

Dante’s Inferno is about mythical angels and demons, and probably a healthy shade of gray magic.

Goethe’s Doctor Faustus signs a pact with Mephistopheles – the Devil. Definitely dark magic.

Thomas Mann wrote The Magic Mountain, that “hellish paradise on earth.” Dito.

The best English writers in the world, from William Shakespeare to Somerset Maugham, write about dark pacts and evil men.

And so write the best Russian writers, from Nikolai Gogol to Fyodor Dostoyevsky, whose dark twisted invocations include walking noses, doppelgangers and the mental depravedness of madmen who, always always, seem possessed by forces beyond their control.

The most commercially successful American writers, say Stephen King or Phillip Roth, sell millions of copies about sabbath puppeteers, supernatural powers, twilight worlds and body snatchers. Their writings often hint that much at dark magic, but are understandably mitigated and defused by editors and gate gloves.

Fantasy authors such as George Martin or J R R Tolkien are world famous precisely because they write about magical healers, necromancers and the undead.

All our elites practice dark magic, from the Freemasons, the Rotary Clubs and the Taoists, over the Club of Rome to the Davos Men and the Academies. All their members are writers. And writers KNOW.

Enough said.

It is not just merely about the writers, it is about rulers who trail and control, trick and manipulate.

[Awareness disclaimer: This chapter is 18+ reading only. In this text there are samples of dangerous spells and maledictions.]

Part 1. Alchemy.

Alchemy is transforming one substance into another. If it is done by mixture or compounding, it is mere chemistry. Only if it’s done by trickery is it true magic.

In European folklore during medieval times we see an obsession with turning worthless manure or dirt into food, or cheap metals into silver or gold.

This can actually be done, but not by the honest and poor folks. A few entrepreneurs were also poor, but not so honest, so they set out and beggared from town to town as so-called “alchemists,” selling dubious healing portions and transmutations.

Those fake alchemists were technically the bums and homeless of their time. They could talk about riches, but they could not perform riches, not for themselves – and certainly not for strangers.

Today, the same type of homeless people run about and talk of turning any opportunity into shiny gold, but they neither have it nor do the part.

The fake alchemists out of the way, let us look at real alchemy. In 1984, some ingenious entrepreneur in Texas, USA, collected cow dung and sealed it with transparent acrylics to be used as… I don’t know… as paper weight? Soon, the ‘Texas Bullshit from San Antonio’ sold for $10, $20, then $30 apiece. Thirty years later, it sold as a collector item for $2,000. And that is exactly the worth of one ounce of gold – last date checked: Feb 2022.

So, bullshit to gold. Not too shabby. Now, let us upstage that. Let us transform nothingness into great wealth.

There are incredibly resourceful alchemists who can turn loops and holes or any other “invisible stuff” into precious metals. This supernatural ability is sometimes referred to as Midas Touch – about the legendary Hellenic king who was gifted by the Gods the power of turning everything he touched into gold,… including his wife, children and the water he needed to last.

Although potentially catastrophic, the impossible can be done. There are two ways of such horrifying alchemy: Usury and Advertisement.

First is Usury. The usurer gives away 4 cows now under the condition that he receives back 4 cows and 1 pig later. Wow, that is true magic, right? Where does the 1 pig come from? Not the usurer’s concern: We will come back to this soon. The 1 pig had to come into existence somehow.

Second is Advertisement. That sort of trickery is even more powerful. The advertiser can sell the most ridiculously cheap stuff, even stuffing it with holes or air or ideas or emptiness, as long as he boxes it in the most colorful cardboard.

One English alchemist, traded on the London stock exchange of all places, sells dirt cheap plastic for twice the price of silver. You’ve read that correctly.

25 kilograms of plastic are $2; but 25 kilograms of silver are worth $20k. Twice the price would be $40k worth of silver generated from just $2 plastic.

Magic! How do the alchemists do that? Well, said alchemist sells plastic wargaming miniatures, of course. He molds the plastic into sprues, less than 10 cents each, and puts them into huge colorful card boxes.

When children see the box art, they are running amuck. They want to buy the worthless products based on, in this case: a fully assembled, glued, painted and masterfully manipulated imagery of a miniature army advertised, a spook that is definitely NOT in the box!

Both Usury and Advertisement can be combined to create entire cities out of thin air, blue ink or just a handshake.

The biggest alchemists on the planet are investment bankers. Let’s say, hypothetically, that fictional BlackBaal, a land alchemist, wanted to conjure 500,000 residential units.

It is the year 2020. 500,000 houses could be built cheaply by tax slaves, but that would vulgar and proletarian. Land alchemists have tiny hands, but big brains. Why not find 500,000 properties that already exist? Those properties are owned by somebody; let us say they are owned by exactly 500,000 individual American households.

This really happened during the 2020 financial crisis, when the Federal Reserve Bank of America computer-generated trillions of fictional dollars and transferred them to the land alchemists.

All BlackBaal had to do was advertise to 500,000 American households and offer them worthless money for their properties, more money they had ever seen, and an offer they could not refuse because they were broke, insolvent or just greedy.

This was the Advertisement act. The 500,000 units were now in the hands of BlackBaal; but how to also get the former house owners to pay back the money, just to make fun of them?

This second act is achieved by Usury, and on a monthly basis of course. The land alchemist rents the homeless people back their former units, for a much higher profit, with interests! In about twenty years from now, 500,000 American households will have literally paid the land alchemist back the worthless loan for their homes in cash, AND handed over their houses – on their own free will.

Those 4 cows from our little allegory never had a second set; they looked 8 until handed back. Only the extra 1 pig, that is very real. And that pig, a certain writer, Karl Marx, called “the profit,” and condemned this kind of trickery in his controversial book The Alchemist.

Part 2. Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is control of behavior. With this magic, the sorcerer takes control over the actions of one person or an entire group. Today, we do not call it hypnosis but psychology.

Images can truly mess up anyone’s mind, but combined with words, hypnosis is truly an ungodly force. We mentioned famed English writer Somerset Maugham. In all his famed novels, the master illustrates the power of evil hypnotists over their poor victims.

In The Moon and Sixpence, Maugham describes the demonic influence of a psychopath who steals the woman of a fellow artist. In The Magician, the writer illustrates the brutal revenge of a hypnotist who ruins the life of a worldly surgeon. In The Painted Veil, Maugham touches upon the deepest fear of humanity, when a weak female is seduced by a master of the dark arts.

Let’s take the Irish writers, known for their superstitions and religiosity. James Joyce’s Ulysses is pure hypnosis, and reviewers called it a stream of consciousness and psycho-analysis or what not. Oscar Wilde is literally using language to do evil, whether it been the demoralization of his readers in A Woman of No Importance or the total destruction of their morals in The Picture of Dorian Gray; and he is known for his fairy tales that turn boys gay.

Many books are outright dangerous for our mental well-being, such as the baleful and shocking Thelema by Aleister Crowley or Friedrich Nietzsche’s ultra-narcissistic Ecco Homo, the latter which is said to lead to madness.

When word magic is used to hypnotize not just one person at a time, but an entire population, we are talking about mass hypnosis. And when the victims jump around like follies and engage in ridiculous mass activities, we call this phenomenon mass formation hypnosis.

Some hypnotists talk their victims into body mutilations such as removing parts of their genitals – the foreskin of penises or the labia of vaginas. Once such a mass formation starts, it is almost impossible to contain. In 2022, about 1/3 of all males in the world are circumcised, mostly in magic-ridden regions of Africa, the Middle East and India.

There were many more gruesome mass formation hypnoses in world history. Some magicians in the 10th Century bewitched the Chinese Emperor Li Yu who had his concubines cut off their toes so that they could only tipple whence, not run. But they fell over for the next hundred years, so it was decided to bind their toes under the sole of their feet, starting at infancy. Those tortuous ‘lotus hoofs’ were still sold on the streets of Shanghai in 1990.

Brains do not protect from dark magic. Court historians were perfectly reasonable men who could use their wits and seduce the Emperor’s concubines. So the Emperor babbled something about superstitions and bad moon, and had his historians amputate their own testicles before coming to office.

There are several forms of mass hypnosis still being practiced in civilized America. Some are harmless, symbolic only, to degrade the people, such as civilized men made to wear cotton penises tied to their necks, or civilized women to walk on strap pointy spikes.

More insidious, depraved hypnotism is performed though. It is possible to control women and have them sacrifice their unborn babies. This disgusting jinx we call Abortion.

And in all these mass formation hypnoses, the victims never suspect dark magic at play, or are too ashamed to speak up. And even if they did, dark magic is entirely legal.

Hypnotists are charismatic and persuasive. If we gave them access to our children, it is entirely conceivable that they could turn boys into girls, girls into boys, revert to animals, have the children kill animals, torture classmates or self-mutilate… on their own free will, because it is mass formation hypnosis.

Part 3. Spells and Curses.

Casting a magic spell has an immediate effect on the victim. Everyone witnessing the spell sees the effect. Everyone understands it. The magic is irrefutable.

Magic spells require certain preparations, rituals and personal items in case the target person is not present. This can be a photograph, a strand of hair or even a close relative who establishes the spiritual bond. Sometimes, the setting is of great importance – is it set in nature, in a holy place, in public or in a seclusive war room?

The correct wording is of utmost importance; and, once translated into a different language, a spell often loses its original power or could have no effect at all.

Therefore, I shall present here a German spell, translated into English, and explain its effect. This death spell is taken from a chance publication of the Sunday‘s Column of Tagesspiegel from February 6th, 2022.

The author was Harald Martenstein (68), a propagandist and regime loyalist, and one of Germany‘s best known journalists. And because he was such an eminent man-of-letters, editors and proofreaders at Tagesspiegel overlooked an actual death spell.

Now, before we read the spell – in translation of course; I am not suicidal – it should be explained that the article magically disappeared, the paper copies were burned, and all digital traces censored. Martenstein was fired immediately.

Social media platforms who reproduce the original German death spell will be punished, according to the NetzwerkDG 2018, with 50 million euros in fines. Over a thousand commentators had their commentaries removed, their bank accounts frozen and the police knocking at their doors.

Any reproduction of the death spell even by mere paraphrasing is considered a hate crime. Now, here is the German spell, machine translated into English:

“Anyone who evokes the Hitler comparison, which of course is never true, wants to portray their counterpart as absolutely evil, as non-humans. The comparison does not want to belittle Hitler, it turns him into a kind of atomic bomb intended to morally destroy a political opponent. The Jewish star, on the other hand, is supposed to make its modern wearer absolutely good, a total victim.” —H Martenstein, Tagesspiegel (from the German original, removed, Feb 6th 2022).

If you can plant that spell on your victim, in Germany or anywhere else in Europe, he is dead and finished.

Each culture has its own curses and death spells. That’s why the Chinese government banned several original texts by Mozi, who was an ancient magi in 400 BC. He had some pretty heavy death spells going on. Just try and investigate the sanzu spell [extirpation of three generations] or the yizong [kin extermination]. This is brutal stuff, leading to the total annihilation of the victim and his entire bloodline. Their spell to end America is shengren.

I do not plan on endangering neither myself nor my readers, so let that it be it on the topic of death spells.

As to control spells, they are not intended to ruin or erase your opponents, but instead to have power over them so as to use them as your personal wallets, sex slaves or body guards.

You might want to look into the works of the mystics such as Helena Blavatsky and her shill Theosophy, or Arthur Machen of the illuminating Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, or Carl Jung and his creepy “container and the contained” self-help groups.

For attack or defence spells, look no further than former US-president Barack Obama, his synthetically fertilized wife and the White House. They are technically another Satanic cult.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, a respectable media outlet, during his eight years reign, Obama cast 1,878 drone spells, targeting buildings thousands of miles away, wiping out entire villages of sand people.

As to the best writers in the world, in addition to the aforementioned, all use word magic or allude to powerful control spells. Such is the case with the manipulative The Mandrake or The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, the frightening Wicca or Elemental Magic by Deanna J Conway, the holistic Liber Kaos and PsyberMagick by Peter J Carroll, or the utterly insane Cosmic Memory and The Education of the Child by Rudolf Steiner. All these works will make you sick to the stomach, so this is definitely not a book recommendation.

That said, the Hindu Brahmans always took the cake, because those above mentioned European authors almost always got their inspiration from some Vedic or Buddhist text, so their translations – or shall we say cultural appropriations – are far less powerful than the Sanskrit originals.

Again, much was lost in translation. Just think of Namo Amituofo or the cosmic syllable Ōṁ. Those powerful control spells draw so many Western followers into the mind control of scrupulous new-age yogis and esoterics – Rabindranath Tagore or Krishnamurti -both dead; or Sadhguru -still alive and silly – it beggars belief.

We can go on and on with spellcasters from every part of the world. Even Shintoists feel intimidated by more ancient Japanese spellings of their sacred Kanji, for if they were fully able to immerse themselves into forbidden shamanism, they would find Yomi-no-kuni – a world of darkness. Even the more recent occult literature on killer kami and oni lore and other bizarre literature by Yukio Mishima or Teita Monogatari evoke this author‘s memories of indescribable, xenophile phantasmagoria. The Japanese basically have orgy, honor and suicide spells.

Part 4. Panacea.

The word panacea is Greek and denotes “the magic potion that cures all ailments.” A recipe or medicine that heals everything.

There are thousands such stories. In the 15th Century, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon set sail from Puerto Rico to Florida to find the mythical land of Bimini. It was fabled to harbor the Fountain of Youth.

The English filmmaker David Firth in 2018 released a 12-minutes animated horror entitled Cream which captures the essence of the panacea philosophy.

While overly exaggerated and cynical in tone, techniques used by artists to help their films get past the censors, Cream is deeply disturbing because of two truisms:

First. Yes, they will tell us certain substances are the solution to all our problems. Tobacco was once advertised as enhancing fertility, curing mental illnesses, empowering women, and helping against the flu.

Second. No, if such a magic formula really did exist, our rulers would never allow it. Just imagine we had a cure for cancer… that would wipe out a $100 billion cancer research industry and probably bankrupt a $1 trillion hospital business.

Those who refuse the panacea are considered offensive. They obviously want us all to die and suffer. Once marked a “denier” of the panacea, the poor victims can be tormented from afar.

This is not a joking matter. The governments can twitch and bend and break their bones, ruin their lives and disown their families. The punishment for not taking your Forger medicine that was designed to cure all ailments is real.

In Europe, millions of mugshots hang about with the faces of panacea refuseniks, now labeled as terrorists, racists, haters or deniers of science – and the entire society is mobilized to treat them worse than cockroaches or lepas.

Part 5. The Future.

Most educated people pretend they don’t see it. Yet, magic prevails in education. Albert Einstein, the made-out-to-be archetype of a rational scientist, described science as magic, more magical in fact than magic itself.

Our governments lie to us; they separated religion from politics. They didn’t, but for the sake of argument, let us pretend they did.

But they have never prohibited magic in politics!

The United States subsidizes political wizardry such as the Federal Reserve and the Falun Gong, the latter of whose disciples use ancient jiao [Taoist] powers to extend their lifespan, use telekinesis to move objects with their minds, tell the future through precognition or summon the magic power of Qi through their belly buttons.

The Wicca have their covens, too. The Pagans, their hideouts. The Freemasons have their ephemeral lodges. There are grand wizards in every university town, most notable the two sick Cambridges of England and America. Meanwhile, the International Federation of Magic Societies, based in Paris, has 50,000 active members.

There are other formations of political wizardry and witchcraft that only recently gained global recognition, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. This black magic has its origins in voodoo. In 2021, it managed to possess every corner of the planet, forcing 1 billion non-Blacks to kneel – a powerful control spell.

There is now Green magic, or a global wizardry order of “the Greens,” with its own set of charms, enchantments and invocations, that possessed the Old World. The Greens have sitting representatives in the European Parliament. They managed to steal the Fridays from the calendar in 2018 and 2019, resulting in the disappearance of millions of science class hours. Gigantic wind turbines extract power from storms to feed us green energy, and a tithe of 10 million birds annually must be paid to Mother, the earth spirit.

Witches are everywhere now, especially in the electric darknet. As Vox News leaked in 2017, “each month, thousands of witches cast a spell against Donald Trump” – Trump then being the US president.

The occultists on Trump’s side, meanwhile, unleashed memes and chaos magic. They uploaded videos of hypnotists long deceased – a “conjuring of the dead” – and summoned the Egyptian God of Darkness, resurrected Him in his wah-haha and hoho-hiho incarnation of Pepe the Frog.

We haven‘t even begun to experiment with Blue interstellar and cosmic magic yet, let alone explore the possibilities of all 11 dimensions.

The sublimate goal, however, of all wizards, sorcerers and witches is to turn dirt into money, sell magic panacea, ruin enemies, hypnotize our wills and cast powerful spells of brutal mind control.

By Thorsten J. Pattberg Via