Bits Of Interest From The War In Ukraine

Below are various bits of interest from the war in Ukraine.

  • Zelensky says ‘western’ leaders said no to Ukrainian NATO membership, but rejected to do so publicly.
  • U.S. supported ‘activist’ commits publicly to war crimes.
  • CNN promotes leader of neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.
  • Arch Zionists are pissed off by Zelensky’s holocaust revisionism.
  • Destroyed Kiev shopping mall was used as weapon and ammunition depot.
  • Despite a hopeless situation the government in Kiev rejects to end war in Mariupol.
  • Unconfirmed: Zelensky rejects Ukrainian military request for retreat from the Donbas front.

In two draft treaties, which Russia had sent to the U.S. and EU in December, it demanded written declarations that the Ukraine would never join NATO. The U.S. and the EU publicly rejected that demand. It was a major reason for Russia to start its intervention.

Consider the above in light of this interview Zelensky gave yesterday to CNN. He said:

I requested them personally to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO in a year or two or five. Just say it directly and clearly or just say no, and the response was very clear, you are not going to be a NATO or E.U. member, but publicly the doors will remain open.

The cowards just didn’t want to say it publicly, even as it could have avoided a war.

White Swan @SDyorin – 10:32 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

Head of #Ukrainian “1st volunteer mobile hospital” operating in #Donbass, political activist Gennady Druzenko claimed on ‘#Ukraine 24’ channel that he ‘ordered to 𝒄𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒆 captive #Russian soldiers, because they are cockroaches, not humans’. #neonazis – Video

Dan Cohen @dancohen3000 – 9:21 UTC · Mar 20, 2022

Druzenko is closely tied to the US government. He’s had stints at USAID/Chemonics and the Wilson Center. – Image

Mark Ames @MarkAmesExiled – 12:47 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

Incredible. neo-Nazi Azov promoting Azov Regiment commander Denis Prokopenko’s appearance on @CNN. Everything is upside-down. – Video

Oleksiy Kuzmenko @kooleksiy – 21:24 UTC · Mar 18, 2020

Azov Regiment never de-politicized. The current commander Denys “Redis” Prokopenko, has been with Azov since 2014, came, per “Redis” himself, from the milieu of Dynamo Kyiv soccer hooligans. The photos are from a 2014 rally. The cover is of Azov’s own zine “The Black Sun”. – Images

Israeli lawmakers tear into Zelensky for Holocaust comparisons in Knesset speech – Times of Israel

Caroline Glick @CarolineGlick – 15:37 UTC · Mar 20, 2022

Zelensky’s claim that the Ukrainians were righteous gentiles who saved Jews in the Holocaust is sick historical revisionism. The Ukrainians were active, enthusiastic Nazis. Ukrainian Jewry wasn’t annihilated in Poland, but in Ukraine, by their neighbors

Large explosion partially destroys Kyiv shopping mall, killing at least 8, officials say – Washington Post

> Early Monday, photographers documented several bodies laid outside an entrance to the mall. A Washington Post reporter who visited the site after the bodies were removed saw puddles of blood and olive green blood-soaked jackets on the ground. Abandoned surgical gloves were scattered about — apparently left over from medics who tried to save the victims. <

Aladin @aldin_ww – 9:41 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

Now that all is done and there is more light on that situation I will say that strike on Retroville Mall in Kyiv was not just a strike on a shopping mall.

New images have been posted online showing military vehicles parked at the shopping mall. – Image

I don’t like to do this stuff, I have promised to be as objective as possible and there it is.

Harry Boone @Harry_Boone – 11:54 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

looks like “Retroville” shopping center was used as military storage – Image

Secondary explosion after Russian missile strike on Kyiv’s “Retroville” shopping center
… Ammo storage ? – Video

Yuri Lyamin @imp_navigator – 14:45 UTC · 21 Mar 2022

Fottages from Russian recc UAV (looks like Orlan-10) that tracked postion of the Ukrainian “Grad” MLRS that covered in parking of the Retroville Mall in Kiev. After that, a missile strike was carried out, that was also filmed from recc UAV. – Video

Bill Roggio @billroggio – 11:53 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

1) This map, from @BBC, dated March 20, shows the situation in Mariupol. Ukrainian forces, led by the Azov Battalion, are bottled up in an area approximately 6 square miles. There is no relief. – Map

2) A Russian general called for Ukrainian troops to surrender.
“There can be no question of any surrender, laying down of arms” in the city, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk responded.
Reuters: Ukraine defies Russian demand to lay down arms in Mariupol

3) The neo-Nazi Azov Battalion is unlikely to lay down its arms, so the fight for Mariupol will only get bloodier.

Gleb Bazov @gbazov – 12:34 UTC · Mar 21, 2022

Command of #UA Joint Forces Operation in #Donbass has urgently requested a full-scale withdrawal from around #Donetsk to escape a forming cauldron. JFO command has asked to retreat from positions at #Kurakhovo, #Dachnoye, #Avdeedvka. 1/4 – Map

#Russia|n forces have already reached the rear of #Ukrainian forces in this area, west of #Donetsk. The complete elimination of #UA units here is a matter of several days according to #JFO command. 2/4 – Map

According to #UA #JFO command, withdrawal from these positions could enable #Ukraine|ian troops to salvage the desperate situation and continue defensive operations in the area of #Dzerzhinsk and #Kramatorsk. 3/4

#Zelensky is refusing to allow the retreat for fear that it would be used by #Russia as a weapon in the information war against #Ukraine, as it would mean deblockading #Donetsk and abandoning defensive fortifications. 4/4