Action Against the Super-rich Demands a “Reevaluation of the Revolutionary Tradition”

A close friend of mine who is deeply committed to stopping the spreading cancer of tyranny in the United States, asked me recently,

“When will the press cover our fight for freedom and justice?”

I hesitated, as I did not want to discourage her tremendous efforts that she has made, and the bravery that she has displayed.

But, ultimately, I had to tell her the truth because nothing is more dangerous for us than deceiving ourselves as to how long, and how brutal, this battle to create a healthy, accountable, and sustainable society will be. We must not be discouraged by the new obstacles thrown in our way daily by the plutocrats. Nor should we be contented with a bit of progress on this or that front, a bone tossed us by the kings feasting in splendor on our labor and our money.

After a few moments, I replied,

“When we have created our own newspapers and television broadcasts that reflect America as it is, not as multinational corporations want us to think it could be, when we have set up our own government in accord with the constitution that is accountable to the people and transparent in its actions, when we have created our own schools for our children that teach fundamental morality, responsibility to family and society, and that train them to think for themselves and to investigate the world around them using the scientific method, when we have created our own currencies that are based on real assets and not chimera cooked up by the bankers, and when we have established an economy for the people, by the people, and of the people, then, and only then, will our movement be covered by the press, will our actions draw the attention that they deserve.”

The system of government in the United States was never perfect, but it once aimed for something better in the past. Now government is but a fuzzy glove to hide the cold steel fist of global corporations.

Now is the critical moment for us all to assert through our words, and more importantly, through our actions, that we are an independent citizenry and that we are laying the foundations for a constitutional republic to replace the rotten edifices collapsing into muck in Washington D.C. That once splendid capital has been overrun by the money changers who flock there as carrion vultures to pluck out and devour what tasty scraps remain.

We know what their agenda is now. Although many Americans are still struggling to understand the scale of the fraud, to wrap their minds around the evil of this plan to take over all aspects of human life, and of all life, from our DNA, to our food and our bodies, to our thoughts and our dreams.

But the growing awareness of the dangers posed by billionaires lurking behind bogus NGOs, bought and paid for government agencies, multinational corporations and banks, has motivated the money changers to push even further, even faster, for their total takeover of our world.

They are making plans for a world war as we speak, in the Ukraine, or in Taiwan, or elsewhere.

Whether this war will be a real war killing millions, or perhaps ending human existence, or a false war planned to aid the further transfer of wealth, the implementation of totalitarian governance around world, and to usher in the new world order, we still do not know. We do know that the Ukraine has become a place to experiment with a radical vaccine passport, track and control society.

What we know from history is that schemes to use war as a tool in political games can easily go astray and that once the dogs of war have been unleashed, they know no master.

The drive for world war is linked at the hip with the drive to privatize government, and to control all economic and social interaction between citizens. If they get their way, all exchanges will have to go through the internet, or be moderated by AI, human-free, platforms that offer the citizen no opportunity to confirm who is making what decision, and no way to hold accountable the evil forces promoting the cancerous convergence of corporations and government, at home and abroad.

We will become the prisoners of the systems set up, supposedly, to serve us; that nightmare is drawing close, like the spreading shadows at dusk.

Decisions are made in secret, digitally, somewhere deep in computer banks controlled by multinational financial organizations, like BlackRock or Vanguard, or by multinational corporations like Amazon and Facebook. We are fed the results of those decisions, and we are ordered to obey the rules made up in darkness. We will not be given a chance to speak with a human, or to confirm through a third party, how decisions are made. War is the perfect way to force this great reset through.

If the entire process of governance is farmed out to for-profit corporations, then whoever, or whatever, it is that makes fatal decisions about our lives is not a government in the constitutional sense, or in an ethical sense—or in any sense at all.

They are hoping that you have been conditioned by television to just accept their authority as the government. After all, they have already replaced what was left of it with puppets, dangling from the strings of multinational corporations.

At the same time, they are paying good money to outliers, voices in the wilderness, coded as conservative, liberal, or socialist, voices that tell you that the problem is government. Voices that will never tell you who controls the government, who owns what, and how to take it back.

The game in politics is control; it always has been. But this transformation, specifically the elimination of humans from government, and from corporations, in the United States, has a more sinister character.

When government is fully replaced by AI services via the internet, when there are no humans in government or corporations with whom you can reason, or to whom you can appeal, then the takeover will be complete.

You are not supposed to notice the replacement of humans by computers, by programs, and by drones and robots. This transformation is marketed as convenient and modern, even as an inevitable consequence of science and technology.

But, mark my words, like the sadist who gets his victim to put on handcuffs by cajoling and engaging in fun games, once the system is fully up, there will be absolutely no limit to how far they will go to lock you down, to lock you up. In this new world, there will be no humans left to get in the way of brutal efficiency.

Police violence is suddenly played up in the media so as to convince you that replacing the police with robots and drones will be safer. The process is well underway, starting with the border with Mexico. The robot and drone can be controlled directly by the super- rich, from a hidden bunker or from a satellite. There will be no appeal possible.

We must reject this misuse of technology to enslave and we must educate citizens, block by block, street by street, about the dangers and evils that will result from these actions.

This destruction of government is paralleled by the replacement of money with systems of virtual credit that can be seized, or erased, by the hidden powers at any time.

Money and finance form a perfect dictatorship. A tiny handful of the rich can print up all the money they want for themselves, and thereby devalue the money in your wallet, at will. With the forced use of digital currencies, already in the pipeline, and the forced use of credit cards in a no-cash society, government and corporations will be free to freeze, or seize, your money at any time.

What we must do

We have a real chance of turning things around, of redirecting this deadly trend towards tyranny, at home and abroad, in our favor.

Victory, however, is far from assured. And everyone, on every street, in every office, in every classroom, must do his or her part to combat that corporate fascism right here and right now. As Rabbi Hillel wrote, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

We must establish parallel systems for education, for money, for food and for distribution that are entirely independent of this criminal network that strives, domestically and globally, to enslave us.

As the old saying goes,

“Don’t get mad, organize!”

Don’t waste your precious time protesting against throwaway, garbage politicians like Joe Biden. These clowns, Democrat and Republican, are frozen in a zombie state, and they are put there for you to get mad at so that you will be distracted from the wizard behind the curtain, allowing the financiers to convert our economy covertly.

All citizens need to understand precisely how the super-rich, using their banks of super-computers, their banks of digital currency, control our society, manipulate our economy, and dumb down our citizenry using a mind-numbing entertainment-news-social network complex.

Once citizens start to understand how things really work, and how they must be fixed, then we will be ready to take action.

What we should never do is follow the directions for action fed to us by the charismatic figures cultivated and propped up by the super-rich. Who are those people? Well, basically any public intellectual who is allowed to appear in the corporate media is bought and paid for.

We must not fall for the trick of blaming nation states, China or Russia. These nations, and of course the United States, engage in all sorts of horrible actions. What we face, however, is transnational class warfare which is expressed through nation states in the fairy tales presented to us by the corporate media.

Also promoted by the super-rich through their proxies and lackeys is the sad ritual of blaming the “left.” For example, the corporate-owned war mongering Democratic Party is identified in alternative “conservative” media as “leftist.” I suspect that this misuse of the term “leftist” is a strategy to confuse, to make it seem as if leftist thinking, socialist and communist policies, and Marxist analysis is the cause of the corporate fascism that we witness flowering around us.

No doubt this strategy is employed to discourage us from even considering what socialist and Marxist analysis might offer to us in responding to the takeover of the economy by the rich. You are never supposed to even think about how planned economies, or the redistribution of wealth, might help to solve current problems. No, you are just supposed to get mad at corrupt and dishonest politicians without a thought about the economic structure.

The short-comings of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong and other communist and socialist leaders are fully documented and their mistakes offer us valuable lessons.

But they presented in their writings valuable insights into the deep structural problems of an economy powered by profit and of power relations determined by capital. All of them proposed solutions aimed at fundamental change, not just icing on a putrid cake. Such a fundamental shift, in ideology and the economy, as opposed to incremental or progressive change, is precisely what we need today.

We can, and we must, consider what the leftist traditions of economics, politics and social policy were. We must think deeply about what worked, and what did not work, among the experiments undertaken in those revolutions. Remember that many of the experiments from the Soviet Union inspired the regulated economy implemented in the United States during the New Deal of the 1930s.

The trillions of dollars stolen by the billionaires over the last two years, and the even greater sum stolen through inflation, through the destruction of work by multinational corporations over the last twenty years, this theft has fundamentally altered the structure of our society.

We cannot return to a healthy society unless we radically redistribute the wealth from the super-rich to ordinary citizens.

If we just try to maintain the status quo, we will be heading for a slave society.

Do not foolishly believe everything written by Marxist theorists. At the same time, do not allow pride, or propaganda, to blind you to the valuable ideas to be found in that tradition. We must be practical and we should never fear to find solutions in unexpected places when facing a crisis.

We will ultimately need to occupy the headquarters of the super-rich, to shut down their financial networks, to seize their supercomputers, and to take down their weaponized silos hidden away in the mountains where they plan to hide from us.  We should not throw away any idea, any policy, any strategy, that could be helpful in the brutal battle that lies ahead.