Forbidden Word: Nationalisation

Especially in the realities of globalism, if Scotland wants to survive – we must have a strong state economy, based on our oil and gas resources, offshore energy, housing program and public transport, all with the Scottish pound secured on national assets.

Since early fall I am not able anymore to send a letter from the Post Office point in my local store in Aberdeen, North East Scotland.  Apparently, there was no demand for postal services.  That is strange, because when I have to take my signed-for to the Post Office in the city centre – I need to queue any time of the day.  That causes a doubt – why should we worry about the demand for postal services, when it is not a business, but a public service?

Scotland within globalisation

For several decades, the country has been dealing with nothing else but providing the softest conditions for running a business. So, why not to spend at least a part of this effort on providing our seniors with a comfortable way to the Post Office?  We hear all the time that we can afford more and more.   Why not including efficient state that provides citizens with at least a minimum of service?  Instead of that we face lack of understanding for the last public entities, as long as their commercial competitors can maximize their profits.

Because if it is so impossible and ineffective – then why, as the rest of 1.7 million BULB customers I have suddenly become the recipient of electricity provided (temporarily) by the government?  Sorry, but to avoid such surprises in the future – couldn’t the state permanently supply me and the rest of Scots with electricity and gas again?  Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper than periodically clean up the mess made by unsuccessful private entrepreneurs who had invested in nothing more but electronic invoices?  We will not create a qualitatively different, independent Scotland – without cutting ourselves off from the utterly erroneous British approach to the economy, to what is public and private.  We need state post & mail, energy, telecommunication and railways, state investments in construction and in the export of our national products.  Not anachronistically, against globalisation, but to mark our own Scottish position within it.

We have already lost the referendum, convincing the people of Scotland that thanks to independence – everything will remain the same for them.   But that is not a method. There MUST BE the difference.  And the difference – that hast to be going beyond the neoliberal paradigm.  Including neoliberals, only painted green.  Yes, the climate crisis is a critical issue for the Earth.  However, what is called the New Green Deal – should also be a method of achieving climate goals with tools of economic recovery, as full employment and income growth.  As well as the exploitation of new technological challenges for economic recovery.  But actually we deal with the financialisation of the climate crisis and technology used to transfer capital out of Scotland.  This is more than the irresponsibility of the SNP-Green Government. This is a fundamental betrayal of the interests of both the planet and Scotland.

State economy – no NATO – no monarchy

And that how it is with almost everything. Care homes: if after a pandemic we already know and want to them be state-owned – what else has to collapse to make us understand that we also need other state services?  A private investor cannot run an airport – it is taken over by the public sector, but immediately treated like a hot potato.  Because what if anyone catches that the state should manage the entire infrastructure?!  Politics suggest that Scotland should have own ferry connections with the continent.  But the same policy restricts active state investment that would resolve the matter without further debate.  It is schizophrenic.  In almost every economic matter, we do not need another committee of experts advising the First Minister – but the Government’s strategy and a 3-5-year economic plan of undertaking and conducting state activity.  We are a strange country where even state currency is issued by private banks, what no foreigner can understand.  It is high time to change that.  We don’t have to and we shouldn’t be procrastinating.  We have SNP for that.  And for us, for an independent Scotland – three points should be absolutely crucial:

  • nationalisation of key sectors of the economy, including energy and public transport,
  • leaving NATO and removing nuclear weapons from our territory,
  • abandonment of monarchy, land reform and end of tax privileges for the Windsors and the entire parasitic class.

Especially in the realities of globalism, if we want to survive – we must have a strong state economy, based on our oil and gas resources, offshore energy, housing program and public transport, all with the Scottish pound secured on national assets.  And if we provide a public service sector that meets the needs of citizens – we will become a valuable entity in the global economy.  The more liberalised and corporatised it is – the stronger brand must be the environmental, socialist Scotland, SOE.

By Konrad Rękas Via