Who Are the True Insurrectionists That Illegally Took Over Ottawa?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has revoked the Emergency Act he had instituted on Valentine’s Day, 2022. Instead of waiting for Parliamentary authorization of the replacement to the War Measures Act, Trudeau directed federal, provincial and municipal police forces to link up. On Feb. 17 he directed the amalgamated force to violently dislodge truckers and their parked rigs. The combined police forces took their direction from a Prime Minister who acted through the office of an unapproved interim Ottawa Police Chief.

In plain view of the cameras, the Emergency Act police force committed atrocities directed at peaceful protesters. Police charged towards those they targeted with clubs, trampled them with horses, bludgeoned the resisters with rifle butts and sought to traumatize them with stun grenades and toxic chemical sprays. About two hundred people were arrested including some of the truckers whose rigs were seized and taken into police custody. Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson wants to sell the trucks and thereby edify his slush funds with the revenues.

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Much of the damage was already done by Feb. 21 when the House of Commons voted along party lines to approve the Emergency Act. The quick plunge of Canada into the category of a failed state under a dictatorial rule stunned many conscientious observers at home and throughout the world.

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The MPs of the Liberal and New Democratic Parties voted yes to adopting the successor legislation to Canada’s War Measures Act. The Conservatives Party and the Bloc Quebecois voted no. Then on Feb. 22 the motion went to the Senate. There a strong intention was expressed to give the matter serious deliberation rather than a peremptory approval like the Prime Minister seemed to expect.

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Justin Trudeau was not overtly apologetic for the massive overreach he displayed in his vile effort to denigrate his political opponents. By the time the Truckers from throughout Canada converged on Ottawa on January 29, they were already planting hope worldwide that they had come up with a viable formula for dealing with even the most megalomaniacal of the COVID-crazed politicians.

With his frequent promotion of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset,” Trudeau put down the seeds that are now making him globally notorious. Trudeau will always be perceived as the epitome of those elected officials who used the pandemic to adopt the avuncular guise of attentive medical doctors.

With the media’s help, Trudeau and those of his ilk transformed many of their constituents into locked down, socially-distanced, and muzzled patients. By disseminating 24/7 fear porn, the legacy media did their part to shock, disorient and infantilize their audiences.

Trudeau’s patients are to this day still being instructed by their fake medical doctor to take multiple shots that do not guard against COVID infections and do not prevent transmission. What these gene-altering injections do induce, however, are serious cumulative attacks on natural immunity. Getting repeatedly jabbed makes the recipients more vulnerable to the full array of contagious diseases, many of them far more lethal than COVID. 

Apparently Trudeau was himself traumatized by the arrival in Ottawa of convoys of truckers calling into question his tired and unconvincing doctor’s impersonation. In defending the constitutional right of all Canadians to enjoy the protections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Truckers highlighted the deeply unsound and unscientific character of the Prime Minister’s overall approach to the supposedly new coronavirus. Truckers came to Ottawa wanting a withdrawal of Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and his unconstitutional travel restrictions.

The longer they stayed in Ottawa the more the Trucker’s intelligence, decency, ingenuity and commitment to public safety stood in stark contrast to the all-round defamatory treatment heaped upon them.  Among the top culprits in the desecration of Ottawa’s international image as a hospitable national capital are Trudeau himself, Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and the CBC’s own Ottawa-based propagandist-in-chief, Rosemary Barton.

One Feb. 23 Trudeau announced that “the immediate emergency situation is over.” He added, however, “the issue itself will not go away.” Trudeau did not clarify what issue he had in mind.

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Is “the issue” Trudeau wants to keep in the forefront the fact that there are still unjabbed Canadians who the Prime Minister wants to render economically  impoverished and socially ostracized? Can Trudeau not abandon this obsession which is well in line with that of his good friend, Bill Gates? 

Does Trudeau dream of pleasing his mentors at the World Economic Forum by pushing COVID injections until there are no unpunctured citizens left?

Trudeau’s obsession flies in the face of news chronicling a massive jump in injection-related illnesses and mortality in 2021?

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There is no doubt that the science points urgently to the fact that the clot shots are proving to be the most lethal and injurious set of medical products ever produced.

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On the Need for a Royal Commission

Trudeau announced that the report of a parliamentary review of the ten-day invocation of the Emergency Act would lead in 60 days to a report looking at what had happened and why. Trudeau suggested this report “could look at the funding, influence, and disinformation that supported the illegal blockades and occupations, both foreign and domestic.”

Will this report be a whitewash led by Trudeau and Singh? Or does the gravity of what has transpired during the short reign of Canada’s Emergency Act require a deeper and more objective investigation conducted by parties outside the compromised realm of Parliament?

The seriousness of what has already transpired, what is continuing to transpire and what might yet happen, calls for the invocation of a full-fledged Royal Commission. One of the first ironies a Royal Commission would have to address is Trudeau’s assertion that the Emergency Act was applied in conformity with its stated requirement that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be followed and applied.

How ironic that Trudeau has told us for two years that the Charter does not apply to many COVID-justified restrictions involving copious claims of medical emergencies. After two years of proclaiming that the Charter does not apply to COVID interventions, he is suddenly changing his tune. 

With the flash of a stun grenade we are met by Trudeau’s spurious claim that he was able to meet the Charter’s requirements when he put Canada under the authority of the Emergency Act. Canada’s Emergency Act was used for the first time since its creation in 1988.

The importance of adhering to the Charter in enforcing the Emergency Act has been emphasized by Senator Marc Gold in introducing to his colleagues the Liberal/NDP Bill.  He explained,

“Compared to the War Measures Act, the Emergencies Act has reduced powers, added significant Parliamentary review, and was created in part to support and uphold the Charter….The Charter applies to the Emergencies Act and to all actions taken pursuant to the act. There is no temporary suspension of rights or freedoms as there was under the old War Measures Act. Furthermore, all acts must be consistent with our international human rights obligations.”

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How is the Charter being supported by Trudeau’s public statement that the Truckers targeted by police for removal from Ottawa  are guilty of “illegal blockades and occupations, both foreign and domestic.” When have there been any procedures in court to test these highly political allegations from a Prime Minister seeking to justify the seizing and freezing of truckers’ bank accounts, the appropriation of their trucks, the removal of their licenses and the cancellation of insurance?

The answer is, never. These severe punishments were made to apply not only to the Truckers but to people who properly contributed to crowdfunding platforms supportive of the political objectives of the convoy members.

No trials have taken place where the question has been put before objective arbitrators concerning whether the individual members of the Freedom Convoy that touched down in Ottawa are guilty of  “illegal blockades and occupations.” There is, therefore, no adherence of the Emergency Act to the Charter’s provision in 11 (d) that that “all citizens must be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.”

There is much that is obviously reprehensible in this most recent instance of yet more government overreach. This time the taint of state criminality shows up in the Trudeau government’s kleptocratic intrusion into the private financial affairs of protesters who are facing treatment as guilty felons, even terrorists, without so much as a single evidentiary hearing in a Canadian court.

The Most Aggressive Inquisitor of the Truckers Enters the Scene 

Chrystia Freeland, who is Canada’s Finance Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and a leading Trustee of the World Economic Forum, is the Darth Vader of this saga of economic warfare.

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In introducing the Emergency Act of Feb. 14 Freeland declared,

“This occupation and these blockades are causing serious harm to our economy, to our democratic institutions, and to Canada’s international standing.

The world’s confidence in Canada as a place to invest and do business is being undermined.

These illegal blockades are doing great damage to Canada’s economy and to our reputation as a reliable trading partner.

The blockade of the Ambassador Bridge has affected about $390 million in trade each day. This bridge supports 30 per cent of all trade by road between Canada and the United States, our most important trading partner.

In Coutts, Alberta, about $48 million in daily trade has been affected by the blockades.

In Emerson, Manitoba, about $73 million in daily trade has been affected by the blockades.”

Those costs are real. They threaten businesses big and small. And they threaten the livelihoods of Canadian workers, just as we are all working so hard to recover from the economic damage caused by COVID-19.

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Freeland then cut to the chase declaring

“This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades. We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these protests, your corporate accounts will be frozen.”

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In her brief presentation Freeland used the term, “illegal boycott” ten times. No “illegal boycott” took place in Ottawa during the ten days of the Emergency Act. As for explaining what really happened at crossing points along the Canada-US border, there has been very little reliable reporting of what actually took place. Part of the mandate of the Royal Commission might include investigating the episodes at border crossings and interpreting the findings within a framework recognizing the complexity of the many-faceted interactions that have taken place.

Certainly the true dynamic of what transpired on and around the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge is replete with dozens of unanswered question marks. The way the event unfolded raises many uncertainties about aspects of the movement of transport that don’t seem to make sense. Was the government involved in some hidden machinations?

All that can be definitively declared at this point is that the Ontario government and the Ontario Provincial Police had a role in bringing the action to an end.

I am closer to the event at the border crossing bounded by Coutts in Alberta and Sweetgrass in Montana. Just hours before the Valentine’s Day Emergency Act declaration, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who are contracted out to the Alberta government as its provincial police force, engaged in a number of dubious operations. Eye witnesses have raised many questions about possible police deceptions, provocations and the surreptitious planting of weaponry to justify Freeland’s all-purpose meme of “illegal blockades.”

Throughout the action at Coutts various kinds of traffic, including the passage of emergency vehicles and school buses, kept moving in both directions. This activity involved a range of active negotiations between police, provincial politicians, truckers and many serious and public-spirited supporters.

Then came a strange series of events that so far have been the subject of nothing but a trial-by-media. This media trial included the following report of a sequence of events that unfolded just before the Ottawa invocation of the Emergency Act.

On Monday, RCMP also charged Chris Carbert, 44, and Christopher Lysak, 48, both of Lethbridge, and Anthony Olienick, 39, of Claresholm with conspiracy to commit murder, mischief over $5,000 and possession of a firearm for a dangerous purpose.

Lysak is also charged with uttering threats.

Police seized a cache of long guns, handguns, oversized magazines, a machete and body armour, and say the suspects intended to kill RCMP if they attempted to break up the blockade.

RCMP called the threat to their officers “real and organized.”

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The many claims and counterclaims accompanying this seriously contested media report deserve careful investigation. This investigation needs to pay close attention to the nature of the relationship, if any, between the truck-parking event in Ottawa and several events along the Canada-US border. 

Chrystia Freeland certainly takes great license in attaching her politicized characterizations to a series of vague references to border actions. These characterizations form the primary basis of her ruinous generalizations about all the truckers, including those that parked their rigs in Ottawa. 

In her assessment the truckers are all maliciously grouped together as terrorists denied any opportunity even to mount a self-defence under oath.  Freeland describes the essence of her initiative as the use of the Emergency Act to widen the the scope of “the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.”

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Freeland fails to explain how reconstituting Canada’s financial institutions, including banks, as integral partners in police sting operations, will increase confidence in the soundness of the Canadian economy. The resulting breakdown in public trust became immediately manifest in the banking runs as many people domestically and throughout the world felt compelled to pull their money from our now-suspect financial institutions.

Although Freeland claims that some of the seized accounts have been restored to their owners with the dropping of the Emergency Act, she also indicated, “other accounts remain frozen under the regular authority of the courts, law enforcement, and financial institutions.

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From the Dehumanization of Muslims to the Demonization of Freedom Convoys

Rampant Islamophobia was quickly generated by the specious interpretation of 9/11, an interpretation that was never looked into by any formal investigation rooted in Canadian perspectives, interests, and institutions. The failure of the Canadian government to investigate on its own, even though 24 Canadians were killed in the Twin Towers, set terrible precedents that continue to this day.

The Canadian government expects Canadians to take at face value another specious interpretation, this time involving systemic defamation of the Canadian Freedom Convoys. The result of this unsupported defamation is a disinformation and smear campaign that is creating the basis for yet another round of human rights violations. As if the demonization by Trudeau and many others of the so-called “unvaccinated” has not been bad enough, now politicians and their media spin doctors can matter-of-factly generalize about terrorist truckers.

In recent days the Trudeau government and its media presstitutes have created mental images of Truckers as criminals, insurrectionists, and terrorists. In my view the police force that illegally occupied and brutalized downtown Ottawa, especially between Feb. 17-20, are the true insurrectionists. They acted outside the law to advance Trudeau’s own political objectives before the House of Commons and the Senate had spoken to the Prime Minister’s invocation of the Emergency Act.