Cognitive Dissonance: Most Medical Professionals Live With It

A key question repeatedly coming up among people who are so angry about government pandemic management is this: Why are there so very few medical professionals who see the many pandemic management failures but do nothing to challenge the medical and public health establishment?  Why do they remain silent?  Why do they keep working in institutions that unquestioningly follow failed government policies and mandates?

On one side of their health profession brain is recognition of all the failures of the systems they work in.  Because they are so evident.  Like the general public, they see endless COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths and the failure of vaccines.  They see historic levels of pain and suffering among the population that they previously saw themselves serving and helping.  They know that much is being withheld from the public.

On the other side of their brain, they see that they personally are failing their original commitment to save lives and make patients better by practicing personalized medicine.  They know that there is so much medical research that is not being used.

This is classic cognitive dissonance: a profound and fundamental clash of real-world information.  An internal mental conflict that is not easily resolved.

[I want to emphasize that I am NOT talking about truly evil people like Fauci and so many other leaders in the medical and public health establishment. Evil people cannot escape what they intentionally do that is not in the best interests of the public that they profess to serve. Understanding the suffering of professionals because of cognitive dissonance is not meant as any kind of excuse for the evil, destructive actions of powerful people like Fauci.]

Stuck in the middle: What are normal medical and public health professionals to do?

Most try and live with their cognitive dissonance.  They go along with the government and medical/public health establishment, but not because they unquestionally support it.  If they can block or tamper down information about the failures of what they do, of what their profession is doing, of what government agencies are doing, then they minimize their cognitive dissonance.  This minimizes their pain.  These are the medical professionals who do not rebel, who do not reject vaccines and who do not tell the truth about what is going on in their hospital or practice.  Who do not tell their patients what is wrong with what their employer demands of them.

In contrast, are the fewer medical professionals who choose to eliminate their cognitive dissonance by rebelling, by becoming truth-tellers, by risking their jobs and sometimes losing them because they refuse the jab or openly tell the truth about the failures of pandemic management.  These are risk-takers serving the public.

In contrast, living with cognitive dissonance makes the lives of medical professionals difficult and painful.  They have had to face a difficult existential choice: Either reduce their pain by blocking out many facts and truths about what is really happening, or let all that in and change their behavior.

Changed behavior explains why a large number of nurses and physicians have rejected vaccines, and often leave their loved jobs to live up to their basic beliefs.  They are the ones who free themselves of painful cognitive dissonance.

For those of us who are not medical professionals caught in the middle between what is really happening and what is supposed to be done, we should understand why we are being let down and disappointed by the vast majority of medical professionals.

We can and should condemn the medical and public health establishment for so many failures and harm to the public and society.

But we need to have compassion for the medical professionals suffering with cognitive dissonance.  And we need, more than ever, to embrace and respect the fewer numbers who escaped cognitive dissonance by being truth-tellers and medical practitioners offering people COVID treatments (such as ivermectin) not supported by government agencies.  And who do not support unsafe and ineffective COVID vaccines.

Some of you (non-medical professionals) may also be suffering with cognitive dissonance.  You may be torn between what you are have been hearing and reading from truth-tellers, medical rebels and anti-government patriots versus what your personal physicians and the medical/public health and mainstream media establishments keep forcing on you.

Is your behavior changed to minimize painful cognitive dissonance?  Choices include getting jabbed or not, taking new Pfizer/Merck drugs versus generics like ivermectin, wearing a mask when it is not required, believing what Fauci and the leftist media say or not.  Staying friends with those who have bought into all the propaganda, misinformation and government mandates and actions, or concluding it is too painful to having those people who reject and oppose your beliefs remaining close to you.

Your choice on how to manage mental stress. And always your choice to keep fighting the evil powers that are the root cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths.

By Joel S Hirschhorn Via