Covid: ‘The science isn’t strong enough’ to justify health worker vaccine mandate, NHS consultant tells Sajid Javid

A doctor has spoken to the Health Secretary about his refusal to be vaccinated despite working in intensive care since the start of the pandemic.

When speaking to staff at King’s College Hospital, Sajid Javid asked staff what they thought of the new rules, consultant anaesthethetist, Steve James spoke up. He told the minister that he did not want to get the vaccination, and that he already had antibodies from contracting Covid-19.

Dr James, who has worked in the ICU since early 2020 treating Covid patients, told Sajid Javid why he did not believe in vaccination.

“I’ve had Covid at some point, I’ve got antibodies and I’ve been working on Covid ITU (intensive care unit) since the beginning, I’ve not had a vaccination, I do not want to have a vaccination.

“The vaccine is reducing transmission only for about 8 weeks with Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less, and for that I would be dismissed if I don’t have a vaccine, it’s not, the science isn’t strong enough.”

The Health Secretary politely expressed his disagreement and urged the public to get boosted during his visit.

Mr James said he did not believe Covid-19 was causing “very significant problems” for young people, adding that his patients in the ICU had been “extremely overweight” with multiple other co-morbidities.

He said the Health Secretary did not seem to agree with him but had listened to his opinion.

“I wouldn’t say he agreed with me,” he said. “I had the feeling he was listening.”

In December, MPs approved mandatory vaccinations for NHS and social care staff by April this year.

By Carl Bennett Via