It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like . . .

It’s important to be careful about assuming the worst – as opposed to those who purvey the worst. Like the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

But even if it’s not the worst, it’s already pretty bad. Have a look at this video; stay with it. The first 30 seconds or so – which assume the worst – isn’t the thing to focus on. Watch the rest, which is hard to avoiding drawing some pretty awful assumptions from:

Such scenes – especially as regards healthy young athletes keeling over – were once extremely rare. Once every decade rare. Now, for some odd reason, they are becoming regular occurrences. Weekly, even daily occurrences.

Kids are developing heart problems – a thing which used to be something kids were essentially immune from manifesting.

In sane times, such strange developments would be . . . reported. Questions would be asked. Answers demanded.

Instead, the “reporting” focuses on the “variant” that has killed far fewer people than the number of people you can watch keeling over in this video. And the answer given? More of the thing which, in all likelihood, is the proximate cause of all this keeling over.

Get the Jab! Get it (summoning Ahhnold voice) now… !

Never mind the bodies actually stacking up. Nothing to see here.

Just keep on counting “cases.”

People are lining up – many of them in the cold – to find out whether they are a “case.” And thus, increase the mass hysteria, which serves to drown out what people ought to be panicking about, which isn’t being reported.

Thousands have dropped dead who weren’t elderly or sick.

They have one thing in common, which no one is supposed to notice – even when it’s staring them in the face.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

What’s the common denominator? 

The PR agencies of the pharmaceutical cartels made sure to publicize the alarming (and staged) images of people keeling over in China, two years ago – some of them gushing blood from their noses and mouths. These images were used to terrify people about “the virus,” headed our way.

Does anyone remember?

We were all going to die! Well, millions of us – so we were told. Also that granny would die – if kids didn’t “mask.”

Almost no one is dying of the Moronicon, the latest “variant.”

But a week doesn’t pass without someone – often a young athlete in the prime of life and in prime condition – passing out (sometimes, permanently) right there on live TeeVee.

But never mind that. Don’t panic.

The Jab is “safe” – and “effective,” too!