Russian Security Proposals vs Unipolar Sabre rattling: What’s Next?

In this experts geopolitical roundtable hosted by Dr. Edward Lozansky and the American University in Moscow, the topic of Russia’s response to NATO aggression was discussed at length.

What is the logic governing the western unipolar system and how does the the multipolar alliance emerging around Russia, China and Iran’s partnership present two separate and incompatible operating systems to the world? What is Ukraine’s role in this process? What should Putin do when faced with war drums beating on his southern frontier? These questions and much more are discussed from military, economic, cultural and diplomatic levels.

The speakers at the event included Alex Krainer (economist, Jeremy Kuzmarov (editor of Covert Action Magazine), Jim Jatras (analyst, former advisor to republican party), Glenn Diessen (editor of Russia in Foreign Affairs), Peter Kuznick (Professor of American University), Martin Sieff (writer for China Daily), Mila Melnichuk (advisor to the Ukrainian government), and Matthew Ehret.