Dark Clouds Of Polarization Lead To Revolts And Revolution

Main Stream Media (MSM) was quiet, but now they are reacting (in Germany and Austria) to the upheaval, but instead of analyzing and truthfully reporting, it’s getting worse by the day and coming up with more hate rhetoric against the demonstrators.

Nearly every evening, Austrians and Germans are walking on the street in several cities and big towns, but in Germany, especially the former GDR – Eastern Germany, they go on the streets in cities, towns and villages. They are furious, but really furious. Why are they so furious? Of course of the two G system and for some of you from outside Europe, who don’t know what 2G is, I will Explain:

2G Is a system based on the Chinese Social Security Model. As an excuse for introducing this system they use the Covid-19 virus. Only people who are vaccinated and cured are able to enter shops, restaurants, sports and even schools (higher education). People need a Covid Pass on their Smartphone and scan a QR code when entering shops etc.., together with their ID, to prove to total strangers and private persons, that you are healthy.    

Austria even goes a step further to make vaccination mandatory from 1 February 2022. The government has thus aroused the hatred of many Austrians, consciously or unconsciously, that is the question. In Germany there is still some hesitation, because of the past in the second world war, where project AktionT4  killed many people who did not conform to the image of the regime through mandatory lethal vaccinations. Also, the fall of the communist regime in East Germany is still affecting people’s anger and low trust in governments in Germany. Under Angela Merkel things were still somewhat glued together, but now under the most unintellectual government Germany has ever known they lost trust completely. In Austria the same picture shows, there is chaos and corruption, with three prime ministers in the last few months.  The mandatory vaccination was the last straw that broke the camel for people to take to the streets, people who have never demonstrated before are taking to the streets, with whole families, grandmothers, grandfathers and children.

Keep all these facts in mind, politics and media are throwing fuel on the fire to label all unvaccinated people as neo-Nazis, scum and murderers. Presidents of the German Bundeslander blaming these unvaccinated people, in speeches, on national TV and have rhetoric that would not have been out of place for the Hitler regime. Razzia’s are taking place in Eastern Germany because they say there was plot to kill the Bundes President of Sachsen Michael Kretschmer. Crossbows have been found at the Razzia, which do not indicate an assassination plan. But it has to do with sports. But even if there was actually a plan, this is something to worry about, media and politicians are again accusing and calling them murderers, anti-vaxxers and terrorists.  In southern Germany, the state of Bavaria, with a president  called Marcus Söder, a man with a lot of rhetoric in the style of the 1940s regime, people are fed up too, in Munich people take to the streets every day also in Nuremberg, a controversial city, where the Nazi party  rallies were held and of  course, the trials after WWII,  took place.

In Austria it goes a bit further, citizens are forced to take vaccinations, otherwise they can no longer work and thus have no income and life.  Blackmail which is in contradiction with the constitutions in many European countries. Meaning “the right to physical integrity” means that you may not touch someone’s body without permission or good reason. This right, which is also laid down in constitutions, even in the EU constitution, offers people protection against unwanted (medical) interventions on their bodies. One can argue it’s a pandemic, but the reality on the ground shows it’s not a real pandemic, because of the low mortatlity. We can call it a pandemic of bad healthcare in many EU countries and a pandemic of an aging population. An aging population that costs a lot of money for governments, who do not want to spend extra money on healthcare costs, because according to Agenda 2030, digital healthcare is a spearpoint, the dehumanization and robotization of society. All for the new Industrial revolution 4.0, which will be a technocratic, digitized revolution and actually “old “ people are not wanted, to put it bluntly!

In conclusion, we can say that Germany and Austria are ripe for revolution. The system called politics has failed, for all citizens, including those who have believed in governments  and the psyop called a pandemic, in the good intentions that some politicians may have had, but have been swept up in the current and delusion of the day. Where not capable politicians have taken over, who don’t understand the “people”, because they live in their own “bubble”.

We can say that politicians have consciously or unconsciously polarized their “people”, separating people as vaccinated and unvaccinated. Fooled healthcare personnel, they didn’t pay enough extra money to them and imposed rules that were and still are absurd. The politicians are still day after day, polarizing and criminalizing, using the media for this, paid media eager for a good story. If society, especially in Germany, was already polarized by the refugee crisis, from 2015  this is the “death threat” for many East Germans, who were on the barricades in 1989. Now supposedly living in a “democracy” since 1989 they have had to fight hard for their lives, the last thirty years we can say  to survive and now, like the rest of the EU, are faced with another revolution, 4.0. which will lead to unemployment ,a social credit system and the total surveillance state, which they experienced already in the past.

If  politicians don’t stop with their rhetoric and coercion, we will see uprisings, violence and revolutions, especially in Germany and Austria, but also in the rest of the EU. We can see on a daily basis all the demonstrations, which we can’t count anymore and politicians still denying these facts, like their paid media trying to cover-up. These cover-ups are bad and always end in revolts, as we know from past revolutions. Also, hundreds of thousands of Germans and other Europeans have been emigrating already the last two years , because it is becoming unlivable for many people and they are concerned  for their children. We will experience more upheaval and perhaps violence it in the coming period, we are in for a “bumpy” ride!

By Sonja van den Ende Via http://oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2360