A new presentation: “More harm than good”

Please check out this superb presentation, more harm than good, assembled by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA).

Many highly qualified scientists and physicians contributed to and/or approved this. It is based on rock-solid scientific data. Most importantly, the core data set is Pfizer’s own results from their recently published six-month update report on their clinical trial.

As I have pointed out in my presentations as well, Pfizer tried to ‘bury’ a lot of less than stellar results in their supplementary data file that most people never look at. Their own data show that their mRNA ‘vaccine’ should never have been rolled out to the public.

Killed more people than it saved

Among many other problems, there were more deaths in the ‘vaccinated’ group than in the placebo-treated control group, a fact that never seemed to have made its way into the abstract. Why not just be up front about it and admit, “Unfortunately, the trial showed that the vaccine kills more people than it saves?”

Please share the presentation

The presentation is relevant to everyone around the globe and can be used by anyone who needs science to try to support their negotiations with those forcing COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates.

It proves that Pfizer, even when publishing their own biased and misleading report cannot hide the fact that their vaccine shows underwhelming efficacy and causes excessive harm.

Parents, we need to protect our kids

The presentation shows the profound deceptions that Pfizer has employed. With many governments starting to force this on children as young as five, we need to get this message to as many people as possible.

I’m pleased that the presentation highlighted the story of Maddie de Garay, a 12-year-old whose life has been totally destroyed by the Pfizer vaccine. The FDA promised to investigate and did absolutely nothing. No email. No phone call. No investigation whatsoever. They just pretended it didn’t happen.

What did the medical community do about this? They should have expressed outrage and refused to administer the shots in protest. Instead, they remained compliant and silent. They did nothing. Even worse, people like Dr. Eric Topol tout these vaccines as one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and refuse to debate us about vaccine safety.

Pfizer’s inoculation will harm far more children (and adults) than COVID-19 ever would, especially considering the science demonstrating that up to ~80% of people that died from COVID-19 would be alive today had governments not suppressed the many effective early treatment strategies that were available as early as March of 2020.

A personal note

It sure is nice to have another highly credible organization saying the same things I’ve been saying since May 2021.

By Steve Kirsch Via https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/a-new-presentation-more-harm-than