Warning: ‘Gene Therapy in 5 to 11-Year-Olds’ – Scientist Exposes the Risks

There is no compelling reason to subject children to the mRNA vaccine.

Nicolas Derome, PhD is a deeply qualified, passionate scientist who lays out a compelling case against injecting children with the mRNA vaccine. In a video exclusively translated from French for RAIR Foundation USA, the Biology professor explains that he makes his case as a scientist and as a father.

It is difficult to find a compelling reason to subject children to the mRNA vaccine, which continues to be experimental and seeks to tackle a disease that barely impacts healthy people in general, but children in particular.

Dr. Derome’s presentation “Gene therapy in 5 to 11 year olds: what are the risks?” has been viewed on YouTube almost 72,000 times since it was published on November 25, 2021. In it, Dr. Derome uses visual slides as he lays out the evidence against injecting children with the “experimental” vaccine.

Dr. Derome works with “Reinfo Covid”, which is the Quebec branch of the French group of the same name. The mission as explained in part on their website “is to bring together health professionals, in order to support them and jointly find solutions to the health crisis.”

Coronavirus Risk in Children

As for the coronavirus itself, Derome explains that the Quebec public health organization INSPQ has not reported any “serious cases related to Covid in children under 17 years old, even up to 19 years old.” Further, the “mortality rate [for Covid] on a worldwide scale is extremely low”.

Children have “innate immunity,” the doctor explained, that is “far more effective than the one in adults,” which explains their “very low mortality rate” of “.0002% which represents one death out of five hundred thousand children”.

One argument for vaccinating children is that it would prevent them from infecting adults, but it is not easy to find data on how often this happens. The Centers for Disease Control is very vague on the matter, stating that “[T]he evidence that children and adolescents can be infected with, get sick from, and transmit SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve.”

In this vein, the doctor explained that it is “very well documented that the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID 19 is mainly transmitted from adults to children.” In fact, “[C]hild to adult virus transmission is extremely rare,” he says.

Experimental Gene Therapy

Dr. Nicolas Derome explains that citizens must have appropriate information “in order to make a free and informed choice about this vaccination campaign, which is now intended for children from 5 to 11 years old.”

The professor at the Institute of integrative biology and systems at Université Laval in Québec is particularly interested in the area of molecular biology referred to as functional genomics, or put simply, how to “figure out what roles genes have in an organism.”

It is in this field of study that the professor is exceedingly qualified to discuss the mRNA vaccine being used globally. It is in this context that Derome refers to the injection as “experimental” and as a type of “gene therapy.”

The scientist uses the word “experimental” because the mRNA vaccine is “in phase three of clinical trials”:

Currently, the third phase of these studies for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, as you see, will be completed in October 2022 (for Moderna) and May 2023, respectively.

Derome states that “[B]ecause this experimental vaccination makes use of messenger RNA,” it is “in fact a kind of gene therapy [also see here].”

Derome points out that the data from vaccine studies is unsatisfactory, and what data is available only shows how the mRNA vaccine simply is “not effective in reducing transmission and infection in adolescents or adults”. Further:

They [the studies] show us that children have a different form of immune defense, different from those of the adolescents and the adults, and, well, it is unlikely that these vaccines will be effective in children.”

Predictable Backlash

As can be expected, Laval University distanced themselves from Dr. Nicolas Derome’s viral presentation. “These words do not in any way reflect the positions of Laval University and its Faculty of Science and Engineering regarding the health crisis,” the spokesperson for the educational institution, Andrée, was quoted as saying in La Presse.

The article is disingenuous, as it mentions the Pfizer clinical trial as evidence that children have been a part of vaccine research.

However, Derome specifically highlighted the Pfizer study, outlining his concern:

Another very important point is that children weren’t included in the initial trials of the vaccines against Covid-19. That means, the famous phase three study that I mentioned earlier, which ends in 2022 for Moderna and in 2023 for Pfizer. From an ethical point of view, there is little or no data on the safety or efficacy of these vaccines for children under 16 years.

All opinions must now reflect that of the state.

The smear piece points out that Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée, who goes by the name Wal_Trudeau on Twitter, “first highlighted the false information disseminated by the professor”. Evidently, Nadeau-Vallée spends his days rooting out what he considers to be “disinformation” online and makes a snarky TikTok video. Sounds very scientific.

By Renee Nal Via https://rairfoundation.com/warning-gene-therapy-in-5-to-11-year-olds-scientist-exposes-the-risks-video/