6 Pack: Pfizer-BioNTech plan another 3 mRNA shots for Omicron

The Pfizer loyalty card meme has become reality.

The CEO of BioNtech, which produces what most refer to as the “Pfizer shot,” (Pfizer is BioNtech’s Western partner and is primarily responsible for the logistics, delivery, and marketing related to the mRNA shots) stated Wednesday that the company intends on selling a three-dose regimen for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Citing “the data coming from the Omicron variant, BioNtech CEO Ugur Sahin stated:

“It is very clear our vaccine for the Omicron variant should be a three dose vaccine.”


What data is the CEO of BioNTech observing to make this claim? That remains unclear. However, these companies are making an absolute killing with these shots and they don’t want the gravy train to stop any time soon.

The company has set a target date of March for the initial roll out of the shots, with an Omicron booster seemingly to follow 6 months later. Moderna, the Pfizer-BioNtech competitor, also plans on making an Omicron-specific shot.

For recent mRNA compliant individuals, this could mean some 6 mRNA shots over the course of a year’s time.

The demand for more mRNA shots is being echoed by powerful governments and credentialed international “health” organizations. These institutions appear thrilled with the results of their sweeping power grab.

Before COVID-19, neither Moderna nor BioNtech — the two authorized mRNA shot producers in the United States — had ever produced a commercially available product.

However, there is a big elephant in the room and people are taking notice, given the unprecedented COVID outbreaks in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere

These pharmaceutical companies, politicians, and “public health experts” won’t address the reality that their shots do not appear to be working for current COVID outbreaks. In the United States, for example, the current outbreak, despite a heavily mRNA compliant population, has nothing to do with the much-hyped “Omicron variant.”

Throughout the northeast, there is currently an incredible surge in across the board metrics related to COVID cases and hospitalizations. This wasn’t supposed to happen, according to politicians, public health bureaucrats, and the pharmaceutical executives who likened their shots to a COVID “cure.”

by Jordan Schachtel