Every Media Outlet Is Speaking About War Or Is It Just Propaganda Again?

Every regular media outlet in the world is speaking about the upcoming war, Russia will invade Ukraine they say, without mentioning the other threats or wars still going on.

It seems the whole world is focused again, on Russia and the threat, that they might invade Ukraine, as seen by Western media, the same will happen, as what happened to Crimea, they argue. However, the Russians and for that matter the people living in Crimea see it differently, they voted in a referendum to be part of Russia. The majority living in Crimea are ethnic Russians, so there was no surprise there I would say. Ukraine is since many years at war, you can call it a civil war, but actually there are clashes between etnic Ukrainian and Russians, who live in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It’s a clash between the remnants of the former Soviet Union and trauma from etnic Ukrainians, which has similarities with Lithuanians, Estonians and Latvians. They where occupied by the Sovjet Union and radicalized again in WWII, many joined the NAZI party and fought with the Germans against the Russians. Until now the trauma is there and people in these countries are still radicalized and have a very bad influence on the European Union, which consists of many Western EU countries, by heating up the imaginary conflict with Russia.

The majority of the former Baltic states people still live with the trauma of  the Soviet times era, many of them where send to the Gulags which is the problem and obstacle right now, seeing these countries in 2021, their leaders radicalized with their COVID rules, they were the first, before the other countries in the EU, to put in place inhumane rules, never seen before in Western countries since WWII, also their hatred on Russia is very dangerous. Will it escalate and are the Russian so stupid to tell the West that will invade Ukraine? Well then the West didn’t learn anything from the past wars and about Russians, but that is known. Western politicians have spread so much propaganda throughout the years, with the most ridiculous accusations, that it’s obvious. Western governments don’t know anything about Russians, like they don’t understand anything about the Middle-East, so it’s merely propaganda from a failing empire, who had its best of time.

The ongoing forgotten wars

We now live with the remnants of the US Empire (part of the British Empire). Since the election of Joe Biden (some argue that he was elected illegally through election fraud). Biden, or rather the deep-state have chosen to end the physical wars, now that we have entered the age of artificial intelligence and future wars are likely to be fought in space and/or with drones and robots. The US and its allies have, since 1945, fought many wars, or rather I would say occupied many countries and killed millions of people around the globe. We all know the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, more than twenty years ago, or the destruction of Libya by NATO and orchestrated by the US, Hilary Clinton and Obama have destroyed many countries and people in their terms, like many presidents before them. Never forget Syria of course, ten years of carnage and humilitation of a proud people, but Syria was the turning point in their dirty wars, which started in 2001 and ended in 2020, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan and of course the defeat in Syria. Now they have a Covid war the new project of the deep-state, a virus with a low moratily rate has been politized and used as a tool of terror, around the world governments use this tool to terroize their own people, instead of the  War on Terror, which was focused mainly on a religion and etnicity.

One of the last physical wars is fought in Yemen, a carnage has taken place in Yemen, still the last remnants of the War on Terror. The war in Yemen started in 2014, fighting between the Saudi-led coalition and  Houthi rebels in Yemen continues to harm civilians, drive displacement in the region and killed around 300.000 people so far.  The US with it’s leader Joe Biden has stepped out of the war, so to speak, are occupied with the South China sea and China, the AUKUS agreement and the (propaganda) war on China. Which made Australia, close to China, the most totalitarian state, second in place after North Korea. After Biden stepped out of the Middle-East and unofficially ended the War on Terror, France saw it’s chance to play a bigger Role again in the Middle-East. Already in 2015 it was known that France is selling weapons to the United Arab Emirates (they are part of the Saudi-led Coalition)  to fight the Houthi population of Yemen. France has a long and bad history in the Middle-East and Northern Africa, occupied it for many years and still with the upcoming change in France have Bonapartism or the Gaulle aspirations.

Will the European Union break down

Yes, I think it will happen and eventually be replaced with a one-world, technocratic (Western)  authoritarian government, if the people let it be and for now, there is uprising everywhere in the EU, but will it be enough in the end? Time and history will learn, WWII has lasted 12 years, the War on Terror twent years, so we have to have a long breath. Signs are there that there will be a break or rivalry between Germany and France again, they have a long history of rivalry and wars. Germany has a new government and will continue their “woke” policy, meaning more LGBTH policy, more attacks on the Christian religion, more COVID policies, which are the most absurd in the EU, after Austria and more propaganda on Russia with totally incompatible people on the Ministries of Healthcare and Foreign Affairs. France however, will most likely choose  Eric Zammour  as their new leader, a new star on the horizon, who wants to make France “great again”, classes (propaganda mainly) between Germany and France are imminent. With the Baltic states radicalized, Eastern Europe in turmoil, the population there don’t want Covid rules, as they experienced totalitarian communism in the past, like in Romania and other countries. So how long will it take to dissolve? A matter of money and bribing the Eastern European countries, if the money stops, the EU aspirations will stop and with already a new treaty between Balkan countries, a mini Balkan-Schengen  in sight, the EU might  cease to exist in the coming future and will only be consisting of Western European countries, which is a good thing, the EU is not functioning anymore, as a democratic organization, but more like a Soviet Union institution and has to be dissolved or renewed.

By Sonja van den Ende Via http://oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2349