They can’t explain why the vaccinated are more likely to get COVID and die

ICYMI, here’s a chart from a recent post by my good friend Mathew Crawford. It basically shows, the more you vaccinate, the more cases and deaths you get.

Critics would argue, “it’s confounded! more elderly are vaccinated.” But the same critics cannot show us this is false. They can only do “hand-waving” arguments that it must be wrong. Not very convincing.

But to be fair, we can’t cite this as definitive proof either that the vaccines are unsafe.

Governments won’t release the data to show vaccinations are safe. I wonder why?

We actually agree with the critics that it is confounded but here’s why: governments don’t release the breakdowns publicly so we can’t do any better than this. If the vaccines are so safe, why don’t they release the data to the public to show this?

Is this just a fluke? I don’t think so. Watch this video starting at 7:00. The line goes the wrong way. The more you vaccinate, the worse it gets.

Of course, “we” all know why this is:

  1. The vaccine depresses your immune system immediately after the shot and for an unknown time after that. It can well be permanent.
  2. The vaccines can kill you due to blood clots and inflammation.
  3. The vaccine seems to make it easier for you to get infected after a brief honeymoon period, that is, the vaccine efficacy (VE) goes negative. We see this in the UK data, for example. See the slides.

However, our health authorities are never going to figure this out because it would discredit them. So they have to keep on singing the same tune: “Safe and effective.”

By Steve Kirsch Via