Parents in NY Take to the Streets to Warn Ignorant Parents Injecting Their Children with Pfizer Shots as Injuries Among 5 to 11 Year Olds Now Being Reported

Finally, there are some signs that there are some people in America who are going to start standing up against medical child abuse and attempted murder!

Lamenting that their numbers should be in the “tens of thousands,” dozens of parents in Staten Island, New York, gathered together in front of a grade school yesterday (11/15/21) where children between the ages of 5 and 11 were being injected with the Pfizer COVID-19 shots.

They pleaded with these parents to not inject their children with poison.

They were apparently ridiculed by the pro-vaxx parents who were offering their children to the vaccine gods, claiming that they needed to protect their children from the “dangerous” anti-vaxx parents.

Rachel, a mother and former school teacher for 10 years, spoke while holding her infant daughter and pleaded with the parents who were opposing them, and explained that they should be opposing those within the school who want to inject poison into their children.

“They have no clue why we’re standing out here in the cold fighting for their kids. I have no job and two kids, and I am out here fighting for YOUR kids!”

A mother named Victoria, who is a registered nurse, played a blood-curdling recording on her cell phone of a 5-year-old child screaming out in terror because she was being injected with the Pfizer shot, and this allegedly happened at 7:30 a.m. in the morning just before class.

She said:

“You’ll have to step over my dead body to give my child a vaccination.”

Here is the video which is on our Bitchute Channel, and it is also on our Rumble channel.



God Bless reporter Annalise Knudson and video producer Jason Paderon for publishing this at SILIVE.

First Injuries Reported Among 5 to 11 Year Olds as Parents Complain They Can’t Trust “Medical Professionals”

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of parents across the country continue to take their children into vaccination clinics in their churches or in their children’s schools to sacrifice their children to the vaccine gods.

In Antioch, California, a bunch of parents who took their children to be abused at a Sutter Health pediatric vaccine clinic are complaining because their children got the wrong strength in their doses.

One of the mothers was so angry she went public, and stated that her son “fell down twice” after getting the shot, and both children had to stay home from school because they were so sick with stomach aches.

From ABC7 News:

There is outrage among some parents in the East Bay Monday night as 14 kids were given the wrong amount of COVID-19 vaccine in Antioch this past Saturday.

At least two kids were given double the recommended dose at a Sutter Health pediatric vaccine clinic.

“I’m here tonight to report my story because it’s unacceptable, you expect your medical professionals to give you correct doses!” says parent Denise Iserloth.

Denise and her husband Shawn’s 8 and 11 year old children were among the kids given the wrong amount of coronavirus vaccine at Sutter Health’s Antioch pediatric vaccine clinic.

“They absolutely failed my children and the other 12 children involved,” says Iserloth.

Sutter Health issued a statement that 14 patients were given an incorrect amount of diluent, saying in part, “As soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advised them of CDC guidance in this situation.”

Denise says she was told, but that came nearly 10 hours later and after her older child fell down twice.

“We would have assumed that there was more in place to prevent this from happening, but obviously at this place there wasn’t,” says Shawn Iserloth.

“I understand the mandate, I tried to comply with it, and my children now have been given a double dose and I don’t know the long term side effects,” says Denise.

The Iserloth’s, whose children were both home sick Monday with bad stomach aches, say their 8 and 11-year-olds were given 20 micrograms of dosage instead of the recommended 10. They’re now very concerned about any long term effects, but Dr. Peter Chin-Hong of UCSF says the kids should be okay. (Full story with video here.)

These parents are very ignorant. They are angry that their children got the wrong doses and that they expect more from “medical professionals,” but everything about the roll out of these gene altering shots has been done illegally by criminal “medical professionals.”

The few honest ones that were left in the system who clearly saw what was going on refused to get or give these shots, and most of them have been fired, or have quit.

First, the shots are not needed because there are effective treatments available, secondly, children have a ZERO statistical risk from dying from “COVID-19,” and third, this is an EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT!!!

Wake up fools! They are experimenting on YOUR CHILDREN!

The FDA Committee that recommended emergency use authorization for these shots to be given to children this young even said so!

Listen for yourself as they admit they won’t know how safe the shots are for children this young until they start giving it to them:



The CDC and FDA admit that these shots cause heart disease in young people, myocarditis and pericarditis. And now Pfizer’s own documents admit that to evaluate the risk of heart disease in this age group will take 5 YEARS!

Pfizer Admits Myocarditis Risk for 5-12 Year-Olds Requires 5-Year Study


Clinical trials conducted by drug giant Pfizer were too short to determine long-term myocarditis risks in children who take the Covid-19 vaccine, the company admitted in documents submitted to the FDA.

The information appears on page 11 of an FDA advisory committee briefing from late last month, where Pfizer even admits its sample size of clinical trial volunteers was also too small to detect myocarditis risks in children aged 5 to 12.

Yes, you parents who believe there is actually a safe “vaccine” out there for your child and are only just now learning that you cannot trust “medical professionals,” need to get wise fast if you want your children to have any kind of future.

Of all the products produced by the Satanic medical system, vaccines have to be the most evil when it comes to children, because it takes a denial of faith in God to trust him to protect your child, and instead trust in a pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, to protect your children.

whistleblower has also come forward now to reveal fraud in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials, and Pfizer is the largest criminal organization in the world paying out $BILLIONS in fines for fraud and causing death and harm with their products.

If a child has a life-threatening disease or injury, and a parent believes that a certain drug or medication could save their child, there might be an excuse to use a pharmaceutical product from one of these evil drug companies.

But when it comes to vaccines, you are saying “I do not trust God to protect my child from a potential future disease, so I am going to participate in a Satanic ritual by allowing a needle to bypass the entire immune system that God created, and inject a poisonous substance into my child infecting them, with the belief that the child’s body will respond to the poison and not die, protecting them in the future.”

Vaccines are probably the only drugs manufactured that do not require sick people to administer them. They are injected into healthy people because of the fear that they might one day catch the disease they are being injected for, as they are patterned after the very lucrative insurance industry which also profits on people’s fear.

So if you entrust your child to these criminals so they can abuse your child in their vaccine trials, which may result in your child’s death, then you are complicit with child abuse and attempted murder.