In the geopolitical theory, the states have long been divided into producing and trading ones, into “the States of the Sea” and “the States of the Land”. The first exist due to trade activities and the accumulation of money supply, on the exploitation of their colonies. The latter are operated mainly by the exploitation of territories, relying on their own resources.

Modern reality has given rise to the phenomenon of “transit pseudo-democracies”, which are actually colonies of “the States of the Sea”. Such an approach on the part of the masters of trade was doomed to success until “the States of the Land” begin to strengthen. The most striking examples are the Eastern European states – the former republics of the USSR. First of all, Ukraine.

The elites of some of these countries gained profit from the transit of energy resources, the elites of others made their fortune on sea transportation and transit of goods from East to West.

The probability of rolling power outages in Ukraine is very high due to a shortage of energy resources, – said the Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko on November 11, 2021.

“The anti-crisis energy headquarters of the government met for the last time in the summer. We know what a difficult situation is today. We know that today there are not enough coal reserves at 12 enterprises that generate heat and electricity. There is not enough natural gas in the storage facilities right now. Experts say that if the frosts last for several weeks, there will be a high risk of rolling blackouts, which have not happen for 20 years,” he said on the Ukraine-24 TV channel.

According to the mayor of the capital of Ukraine, if the crisis in the energy sector persists, then at the end of winter Ukrainians will also see an increase in food prices. Responsibility for the current situation, according to the mayor, is borne by the central government of the country.

Earlier, on Wednesday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that reports about the lack of electricity and the growth of utility tariffs amid the forecasts of the coming winter being extremely cold were nothing else than “horror stories” spreading by the media. He also accused representatives of the country’s big business of creating an artificial shortage of energy resources in the republic.

In his turn, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said that the situation around the preparation for the heating season was not easy, but in general it was under the control of the government. In particular, the country is experiencing a shortage of coal, but according to the prime minister, Kiev plans to cope with this issue through import purchases and increasing its own production.

Amid these internal economic problems, the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine is escalating. The US and NATO military presence in the Black Sea and on the Ukrainian territory is sharply increasing. Domestic propaganda in Ukraine, in the limitrophe Baltic states and Poland kicked down the “fourth speed”. Of course, the foe is Russia as a political entity. In a more general scale, the “dictatorial regimes” of the East. The refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border fits perfectly into the logic of the current events. There’s an old, long-known song that is played round and round.

At the same time, the development of destructive processes that may lead to a big war are now evaluating by themselves, regardless of the sides’ desire to simply scare the opponent. In particular, pre-war activities aimed at direct exploration of the future battlefield are taking place in the Black Sea. In the 20th century, wars were declared for even less. It is enough to recall the Balkan incident that led to the outbreak of the First World War.

The question arises whether the elites of the states bordering so-called despotic regimes on the East do not understand that even a regional conflict will lead to the guaranteed destruction of their nations. After all, they are, as they often claim and according to their way of acting, nationalists, which should mean that first of all, they have to be guided by the interests of their own people.

No, they don’t. Within the logic of the behavior of the colonial elites of the “States of the Sea”, they ceased to identify themselves with their own people and native land. In fact, they are sure that, in the case of war, the death would not come for their souls, but for those of ordinary people.

Practice is the measure of the truth. It is much cheaper to buy local elites than to sustain the development of the entire nation. This is exactly the way the Euro-Atlantic metropolis are acting towards their new colonies. As a result, over the past decade, Ukraine has lost ten millions of citizens who used to permanently reside on its territory. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Georgia – millions. The reasons are mass emigration and mortality.

It would seem that world leaders can sit down at the negotiating table again and work out new rules of the ‘Big Game’. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The sum of the accumulated contradictions has reached the level that apparently only war would be able to resolve them. Perhaps this is the true goal of that group of interested parties who are trying to play the role of “the God”.

Via https://southfront.org/fate-of-transit-democracies-war-or-extinction/