In our society, there is a significant oppressed, deprived of all rights, continuously humiliated group of the population. And these are not illegal immigrants, not representatives of sexual minorities, not gypsies, and not feminists. Probably, and they have a hard time. But the group I’m talking about is almost impossible to live and breathe.

I would call this population group “non-materialists”. Most often these people are believers, but not necessarily. An immaterialist is one for whom the most important thing is outside of matter, outside of economic expediency, outside of material support, outside of efficiency, career, growth, outside of physical matter. Non-materialists are people who do not make efforts to believe in God, in spirit, in angels, in beauty, morality, purity, and eternity, they simply cannot do otherwise. And now imagine: the non-materialist from the very beginning finds himself in conditions where only and exclusively materialism triumphs. Not only the historical and dialectical materialism of the communists, although this is a terrible thing, but also liberal materialism, which prioritizes the comfort and well-being of the individual and even national materialism,

All school education from the first grade to the last is built on materialistic premises (this applies to natural disciplines, humanitarian, historical). If someone raises his hand and in a physics, lesson asks “what is an angel?” Atoms that exist outside of our consciousness, outside the soul, are considered an unconditional axiom in modern science. Physicists, of course, can joke and dream and even identify big bang with God, but for a real non-materialist, this is the deepest spiritual insult.

At the institute, in ordinary life, at work, when choosing a profession, when organizing recreation, when starting a family in our society, everything is permeated by total, radical and uncompromising materialism. And anyone who is trying to seriously question it only stutters that non-materialist also has a right to exist, the most severe laws of social exclusion come into play. Such a person is presented as a “loser”, “nerd”, an idiot. And in the end, it poses a serious danger to the society of materialists. Therefore, even priests, when they want to speak with modern people, are forced to choose their words in such a way as to pass between the dominant materialism and theological dogmas.

And if a believer does not just proclaim religious principles – God, eternity, the resurrection of the dead, the end of the world, the immortality of the soul, the second coming, and he truly and sacredly believes in this, then for the church institution itself, built on a certain compromise with the secular society, this raises serious concerns. So in Soviet times, the communist government forbade reading Marx, God forbid, a Marxist subtracts something there.

Non-materialists, however, represent a fairly large segment of the population. And if we take into account that belief in the ideal, value, mission, in the highest destiny of man, in love, sacrifice, and devotion to Russians have always been characteristic (although not only of Russians), then under the blow of materialism is a huge segment of our population, deprived of everything: rights on education (based on the principles of materialism), on culture (liberal materialism prevails in modern art), on work (all professions emphasize only material significance), on rest (materialists, believe me, and rest materialistically, unlike non-materialists). The state is also a purely materialistic entity.

In Russian history, however, this has not always been the case. The Russian Empire had a great world mission to preserve the shrine of the Orthodox faith. And this is what made the state non-materialistic, oriented towards the sky. This is the secret of the monarchy because the monarch is an arrow shot from earth to heaven. And along this trajectory, the saving mysticism of the Russian state was built – from holy Russia to the doctrine of the “Moscow-Third Rome”. The modern state has sharply broken with this tradition. It has no goal, no idea, it is something materialistic, created by materialists for materialists. And non-materialists are absent here even in theory. no idea, it is something materialistic, created by materialists for materialists. And non-materialists are absent here even in theory. no idea, it is something materialistic, created by materialists for materialists. And non-materialists are absent here even in theory.

Non-materialists must realize themselves as a new revolutionary class, rise up in rebellion in the name of lofty ideals, religious values ​​, and pure horizons of the spirit. We will not specify what religion a non-materialist professes – by default, most Russians are Orthodox. Here, another thing is more important – than the believers themselves should be primarily non-materialists, and not materialists-Christians, materialists-Muslims, materialists-Jews.

By Alexander Dugin Via