P Is For Propaganda: CNN Airs ‘Twisted’ Sesame Street Vaccine Drive Special

Over the weekend, CNN aired a creepy Sesame Street vaccine special in which Big Bird, Elmo and Dr. Sanjay Gupta targeted five year old kids with direct propaganda about taking COVID vaccines.

The thing was called “The ABCs of COVID Vaccines,” and essentially involved Gupta, who has previously admitted that his own network lies and spreads fake news, conversing with puppets from Sesame Street who lauded the vaccines.

The Rosita puppet, who is supposed to be five years old, enthusiastically shared details of getting her first dose of the jab:

Then Big Bird, who seems a bit uneducated on vaccines and maybe skeptical, noted how his Grandma wants him to get vaccinated so he won’t kill her.

CNN also wheeled out the Surgeon General, the guy who previously claimed that the government putting requirements on people to take vaccines is a long held American tradition.

Elmo dressed up as the great hero Doctor Sanjay, prompting a totally not fake and creepy laugh from the other CNN clown:

And it continued afterwards:

Here’s some you’ll never see for real:

Via https://summit.news/2021/11/08/p-is-for-propaganda-cnn-airs-twisted-sesame-street-vaccine-drive-special/