The Noose is Tightening, the Clock is Ticking: Justin Trudeau’s “Covid Mandate” against Canadians, Both “Unvaccinated” and “Vaccinated”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had called early elections for September 20, 2021, which is two months ahead of schedule. Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal Party has won a close election race but has failed to win an absolute majority in the national parliament.

Trudeau announced better days ahead for Canada after his victory, and he declared new COVID-19 measures already on October 6, with numerous private companies informing their employees by e-mail on the same day that they would lose their jobs if they failed to get vaccinated by December 31 of this year. The staff would not be able to work online either, as the COVID-19 virus appears to be transmitted over the Internet as well as remotely.

Trudeau’s new measures read (briefly) as follows:

*From October 30, 2021, all passengers over the age of 12 traveling by plane, train and boat must be fully vaccinated before boarding, regardless of whether they are heading to a domestic or international destination.*

“Thirty years ago, when we moved to Canada, we almost immediately realized that there was no such thing as democracy in the West. Liberals win in big cities and Conservatives gain votes in small and rural areas. For now, more people live in cities, especially since Trudeau has welcomed numerous refugees who voted in gratitude to him and the Liberals,” claim emigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have lived here for decades.

On October 6 in Canada, which has a population of over 38 million, there was a total of 41,636 active cases of COVID-19 [estimated by the flawed PCR test], which in percentage terms amounted to 0.11%. On the same day that Trudeau announced the new measures, 3,722 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, which was 0.01% of the total population.

In a virtual world, on Canada’s official state website says it has “approved and recognized” four vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. However, in reality it is possible to receive only Moderna or Pfizer, while the state has donated millions of Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca doses to poor countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, Ecuador, Peru, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.

Incidentally, the donated vaccines have received very bad publicity in Canada itself because, in truth, the one-dose Johnson & Johnson hardly pays off. In the meantime, the third dose, Pfizer’s booster, is ‘taking over’ the planet to a great extent.

There are several different types of coronavirus vaccines on the world market: Messenger RNA/mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer); Vector (Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V) and the Chinese vaccine, which is based on traditional technology that uses an inactivated or dead virus.

In his election campaign, Trudeau has divided and labeled the people of Canada into two categories, the “vaccinated ones” and “the anti-vaccine mob,” without much tact or diplomatic wisdom and completely ignoring those who believe in and stand up for their right to choose. 

“For the vast, vast majority of people, the rules are very simple: to travel you’ve got to be vaccinated,” Trudeau said when he announced better days ahead for Canadians. The phrase that something ‘has go to’ be done says the most about the PM, the Liberals, democracy and human rights in this country. It is also unclear what the “vast majority of people” means, as he had narrowly won the election race. Specifically, in 2021, the PM received the lowest percentage of votes at the national level in the history of Canada in terms of the number of voters for the ruling party.

In short: Canadians are forced to receive only the “modern” and insufficiently tested Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines by October 30, 2021. If they fail to do so, they will not be able to visit relatives or friends living in another province or territory nor take an overseas vacation.

The question is what, in the given circumstances, can the Canadian immigrants with dual citizenship do, those whose native country may be China, India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, Ireland, France – which are the majority population of this country? Only 32.3% consider themselves to be Canadians, and the 4.4% with indigenous peoples status have long been placed on reservations.

And ultimately: many people, unless they comply, will lose their jobs!

The noose is tightening and the clock is ticking relentlessly towards October 30. As a matter of fact, it should be said that since the beginning of the pandemic, every Canadian who earned a minimum annual income of C$5,000 (the socially vulnerable group) in the previous year of 2019, was entitled to social assistance in the amount of C$2,200 per month, after 10% tax. Some time ago, that amount was reduced to C$1,300 per month, after tax. However, it was announced that this aid would be stopped on October 23, 2021. 

Longos Supermarket

As the cuts to social assistance coincide (as precisely as a Swiss watch) with the date of universal vaccination, it is clear that this may not involve a medical issue (nor is it a matter of protecting humankind), but rather a political agenda of the ruling circles crowing that Canada has one of the highest rates of coronavirus vaccinations worldwide.

Of course, this allegedly excellent result was achieved by means of much coercion and blackmail, while the election victory was secured by spending an incredible C$37 billion on maintaining social peace, in order for the public assistance to be suspended after the election.

If you are wondering what Canadians are doing this October, following the announcement of the new measures, the answer is this: some 200 to 2,000 demonstrators against mandatory vaccination gather in a park next to the Ontario Parliament in Toronto every Saturday at noon – and that’s it.

There is no stand taken among the people about the announced forced vaccination or the restrictions on movement that will turn Canada into a kind of quarantine camp for the unvaccinated: people gather, in an infantile manner but also somewhat dejectedly in preparation for Halloween, which is traditionally celebrated on October 31, when the faithful Orthodox throughout the world celebrate the Feast of St. Luke. 

The question arises of why there is a lack of interest in the people’s own lives, but also in the future of their children, as once they are deprived of the freedom of opinion and the right to choose, it is inevitable that those following in the steps of Trudeau will get in on the act.

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the dollar is the supreme deity in western world; or that atheism is too “popular”; or in the endless faith in authority bordering on belief in Santa Claus; or in the trust in the media that daily serve lies such as: “Russians are rushing to Serbia to get jabbed with Western vaccines (reference to Pfizer).”

Maybe it’s the fear of draconian measures if the set rules are not followed (for example: if you sit on a park bench or play basketball or tennis – the fine is C$100,000); or the fear of losing a job; or it is a matter of idle reluctance to think with one’s own head and thus take on some responsibility. It may, after all, just be easier to trust a medical profession that is regrettably often corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.

In any case, the (non)democratic black days of October are going by quickly for the unvaccinated.

In the meanwhile, protests are in full swing across the planet – in Australia, France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Slovenia – and Austria has officially put the Chinese vaccination on its list of “approved and recognized” vaccines.

Trudeau’s troubles in the pre-election campaign

On September 7, during the election campaign in London (Ontario), gravel was thrown at Trudeau while he was facing indignant protesters. The Liberal leader acknowledged that he may have been struck by some of the projectiles but that he would not bow to the demands of those he called mobs that are against vaccines or anti-vaxxer mobs.” Some people from the crowd also cursed him loudly!

Earlier, in the city of Bolton (Ontario), his visit was canceled due to the large number of protesters who had gathered there.

What Canadian farmers think of Trudeau is perhaps best illustrated by the photographs in this text, which read: Save Canada – say NO to Trudeau or No more lockdowns! 

Trudeau – Covid-19 and other crises 

At the very beginning of the pandemic, in addition to a shortage of masks, gloves, and alcoholic sanitizers, there were other scarcities in Canada, and there was rationing on purchasing of flour and eggs (as can be seen from the attached photos).

Shops selling alcoholic beverages (LCBO), but also those selling beer and cannabis (marijuana) were declared as “essential business” and there were no shortages. Dr. Eileen de Villa, the Medical Officer of Health for the City of Toronto, said that she remorsefully admits that many Canadians have serious dependence issues when it comes to alcohol, which is why those particular shops are to remain open.

At the end of May 2020, the Canadian military drew the curtain on horrific allegations of elder abuse in long-term care homes. Soldiers called in to help in the facilities at the height of the pandemic observed staff leaving patients in soiled diapers, ignoring calls for help and using unsterilized equipment.

They said that the situation in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, where about 1,400 soldiers were called in as part of an effort to assist the health system, was particularly difficult and that about 80% of all coronavirus deaths in Canada had occurred in care homes during that period.

In a report published by many media outlets, the residents of the care homes were mistreated, practically drugged, and left in soiled sheets for hours and days at a stretch.

During a daily press conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he was sad, shocked, disappointed and angry because of what he had heard. He added he was deeply disturbed.

Concerning foreign policy, the PM has led Canada on an unsuccessful bid for temporary membership on the United Nations Security Council.

A new scandal appeared at the end of May 2021: the remains of 215 children were found in Canada at the site of a former residential school for indigenous peoples. The report documented the physical abuse, rape, starvation and other atrocities suffered by many of the 150,000 indigenous children.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the latest discovery of the remains of childrens bodies was a painful reminder of a shameful chapter in Canadian history. However, if it had happened in another country (especially in the Balkans), he would surely have named it genocide.

The September ordeal 

I returned to Canada from Belgrade at the beginning of September 2021, taking with me a negative PCR test from the Belgrade-based Batut Institute of Public Health. As soon as I landed at Pearson Airport, I had another PCR test done, which was also negative, and I was sent the result by e-mail.

Then, at home, on the eighth day, I had to self-test for the third time, via a video link in the presence of a state representative. That result was also negative. However, the quarantine rule, despite three negative PCR tests, was mandatory for a full 14 days.

If I had violated one of the above rules, I would have had to pay a fine of up to $750,000 or face imprisonment for up to 6 months.