Press Conference: Death by Vaccination

This clip is from a conference held this year in September by a German group of scientists, microbiologist types, who show and discuss the contents of the Covid19 vaccine injection(s).

It is cued to start at 2hours20minutes, where there is a very good summary of what they found in their research and discussion.


Here is a rough timeline of the entire video, which is chock full of scientific evidence of criminal disregard of ethics, both in biology and in medicine. And, if nothing else? You have to wonder about little metallic things floating around in the solution that was just injected into over half the world’s population, more if they can do it.

At 36:52 virus part found in vaccine are risk for cardiac tissue
At 37:47 mark something in the lung
At 41:40 mark something unknown
At 1:00:00 mark diluted metallic particle***MUST SEE

In the vaccine
At 1:27:20 mark moving edgy metallic particle
At 1:32:36 mark moving airplane shape moving particle
At 1:33:00 mark linear structure seems made of graphene close to blood vessel after vaccination
At 1:50:00 mark rectangular structure