Why Did They Even Bother Ousting Trump Just to Continue His Foreign Policy?

Biden’s foreign policy is surprising, while his domestic policy, which is much easier to control, is completely in line with what we would expect. Millions of Americans are going to get the LGBTGreat Reset that they voted for.

Although predicting the exact future is impossible, we can certainly identify trends and try to make projections as to where they will lead. Going into the beginning of the Biden period after the most “unique” presidential elections in American history, the trends and signals seemed to be for a complete reversal or derailment of everything Trump attempted to do. It seemed evident that human-suit Biden’s job was to be an “anti-Trump”. But at this point we are sitting and looking at foreign policy actions from a Democrat White House that one would have expected from Trump. This is all rather strange.

One of the big issues of the Trump period was various witch-hunts for connections between himself and Russia. This was mostly a superficial tactic underlying a new core dynamic. During the period of 2016-2020 it became clear that the Democrats saw Russia as the great external enemy and the Republicans saw China as the real core threat. Trump himself never particularly expressed a passion for Russia, what he did express was a desire to work with them. Now when it comes to rhetoric, Trump has blasted and bluntly identified the Chinese as enemy #1 and he has not faltered in this position to this day. Russia’s religious conservative turn during the Putin era also bought some favour among Right-Wingers that can intellectually comprehend and emotionally accept that Communism ended, with Trump being one of them. As we all remember the Democrats whole-heartedly put Russia on their demonization pedestal for the entire Trump period. This all started mostly during Obama but it really took center stage during the Donald’s time in power.

This is what made the whole AUKUS move (or scandal from a French/NATO perspective) such a shock. One would have expected a Biden presidency (Democrat, Anti-Russian) to be somewhat lenient to the Red Dragon and yet this entire AUKUS concept looks right out of Trump’s playbook – putting more pressure on the Chinese using allies that actually do something rather than dead-weight NATO. In fact this unexpected decision may be yet another nail in the NATO coffin that Trump tried to cobble together.

Trump’s miraculous achievement of starting no new wars as POTUS could have only been topped by drawing down some bigger stagnant conflicts to a final conclusion. Warmongers scolded him for this, and the only Mainstream Media praise that Trump got en masse was when he sort of shot some ineffectual rockets at Syria. This makes it oh so surprising that Biden not only bailed from Afghanistan in a sloppied rush, but then gave his historic and surprising “MAGA” speech signaling the end of expensive and seemingly pointless “nation-building”. Again this type of action looks like something to be expected from a lame-duck Donald in the White House not a vengeance filled puppet Democrat.

Trump wanted to find a partner in now Christian and Conservative Russia, perhaps out of goodwill, but probably to fight the Chinese, or at least break up their growing economic and military symbiosis. So one would think that it would have been Trump to back off of Nord Stream-2 to give Russia a sign of hope and breathing room. But it was Biden who has granted leniency about this profitable energy export to Europe.

Furthermore, the drums of war were being ramped up in Kiev during the ugliness on Capitol Hill. Both Moscow and Kiev were sure that this new Democrat leadership would come in and fan the fires of a possibly apocalyptic conflict in Europe’s empty bread basket. And yet, after getting their preferred candidate in the Oval Office, Kiev is getting little more now than when Obama was in the big chair. The expected massive push in the Donbass never came to be. Zelensky has not been completely abandoned, but if Biden continues to mimic Trump then he may find himself living the rest of his life in a maximum security prison near Norilsk, with the Ukraine being partitioned and reformed into various chunks, most of which would go to Russia.

To be clear, Biden’s foreign policy is surprising, while his domestic policy, which is much easier to control, is completely in line with what we would expect. Millions of Americans are going to get the LGBTGreat Reset that they voted for.

The “America First” foreign policy that Trump was planning as a sort of restart for American greatness has strangely lined up with the sloppy international backpedaling under Biden. But the question is why is this happening? There are a few possible reasons.

1. Trump was extremely effective at pushing his agenda. The fear that spewed from the Mainstream Media at him was not irrational or paranoid but fully justified as he was a force to be reckoned with. Somehow in four years he changed the direction of things enough that it is impossible to follow the previous status quo. The avalanche is already falling and there is nothing that can be done.

2. Similar situations created similar reactions. Although clothing, language and religions may differ, all medieval societies have some overlapping tendencies. The system was the way it was based on the realities of that time, and if we found ourselves under those circumstances again we may be forced to embrace that lifestyle for a second time.

In this sense, it could be that ultimately, both Biden and Trump were tasked with managing a crumbling global empire, trying to keep the sinking ship afloat as long as possible waiting for something to change. Thus, their reactions to events and plans could look similar because of the similar causes that underlie them, even if the spirit behind the actions are radically different. Like it or not NATO may just be obsolete, Afghanistan may have just been too expensive, China may just be too powerful. The reactions to these situations could wind up being similar out of necessity or a lack of options. Both Trump and Biden faced these same realities.

3. The Democrats are petty enough to have fought Trump’s ideas/plans simply because they were his. Now they are free to copy and paste his Foreign Policy while continuing the Postmodern Push at home. This sounds insane but when we look at the sea of narcissism that we are drowning in, in the West it does not seem so far-fetched of a concept.

By Tim Kirby Via https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2021/10/16/why-did-they-even-bother-ousting-trump-just-to-continue-his-foreign-policy/