Washington defines attitude towards China

Washington is attempting to reassess its number one strategic priority. According to President Donald Trump it should no longer focus on the fight against “terrorism”, but on economic competition with China. President Biden is now seeking to pinpoint what kind of cooperation would be viable amid such competition.

In this context, the Center for American Progress, Washington’s leading liberal think tank, has just released a report on China’s strategic inroads in Africa [1]. It aims to reformulate the US Government’s current discourse on Africa by highlighting that:

 Africans see in a good light the United States as much as China.
 Chinese economic activities across Africa are not only extractive but also create jobs.

 The claim that China is engaged in so-called debt trap diplomacy lacks evidence, but transparency does remain a major concern.
 Chinese state funding paves the way for Chinese companies to dominate the development of telecommunications infrastructure in many African countries.
 Chinese trade activity has been detrimental for the environment in many African countries.

Via https://www.voltairenet.org/article214323.html