Majority of English Football League Players Not Fully Vaccinated

According to a report by the BBC, slightly more than half of players in the English Football League have decided not to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at this point.

“In the English Football League, the BBC understands that as of September 49% of players were fully vaccinated – up from 18% the previous month,” states the report.

As we highlighted last week, despite a massive PR push to encourage vaccination, and the threat to teams who don’t achieve high rates being punished, only 7 of the 20 Premier League clubs have more than 50% of the players in their squads vaccinated.

The figures are interesting because high performance athletes are obviously obsessed with health and fitness yet despite all the bullying and pressure, a huge number of them have still refused to take the jab.

One factor informing their decision is undoubtedly the infinitesimal chance of young, healthy people suffering serious complications even if they get infected.

26-year-old West Bromwich Albion striker Callum Robinson decided against getting vaccinated despite having already had COVID twice.

“I haven’t been vaccinated, no. That’s my choice at this moment in time,” he said.

Large numbers of players refused to get vaccinated even though it could have meant them missing soccer’s biggest event – the World Cup, which takes place in Qatar next year.

However, after facing the possibility of the tournament being held without innumerable top superstars, the organizers backed down and announced that a negative test, both for players and fans attending, would not be accepted for entry.

As NBA star Jonathan Isaac eloquently explains in the clip below, there is absolutely no reason for a healthy young athlete to take a COVID-19 jab, given that the side-effects of the vaccine (no matter how rare) pose more of a threat than the virus itself to physically fit men in their 20’s and 30’s.