On September 28, an officer of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (KGB) was killed during a special mission in Minsk.

According to the Investigative Committee, the shooting took place in an apartment when KGB officers were checking addresses of those potentially involved in terrorist activities.

A man in the apartment opened fire with a hunting rifle, killing one of the Belarusian state security officers. The shooter was eliminated by return fire.

New Hype: Belarus Opposition Member Filmed Him Killing KGB Officer (Video, 18+)

According to several reports, the man killed in his apartment was an employee of the US EPAM Systems IT company, Andrey Zeltser, 32 y.o. He had a wife and a child.

His victim’s name reportedly was Dmitry, born in 1990. He had a wife and a small child, too.

Belarusian MP Oleg Gaidukevich, said that the operation was carried out according to the data on “members of the opposition-linked extremist community”. He claimed that they called for “the murder of officials and armed resistance to the authorities.”

” For a whole year, the scumbags called for the murder of officials and armed resistance. And here is the first victim. The reaction should be tough and merciless within the framework of the law. Tough and merciless. There will be no conversations with terrorists. Measures should also be taken to bring to justice those who are abroad and manage, finance and organize this. Everyone should be held accountable, everyone. This is a hybrid war against our country. Eternal memory of the deceased employee and sincere condolences to the family.”

The video showing the incident was shared online. It is heard that the officers counted to three before breaking the door.

The young man was waiting for them, putting cameras to film him shooting at the KGB officers. A woman was carefully filming the preparations and obviously supported the ‘heroic sacrifice’ of her husband/friend/opposition comrade.

Glamour of Belarusian opposition crossed all the red lines. It is obvious that the killing was intentional and prepared. Today, a new star of Belorussian opposition fell before it raised. Mr Zeltser is nothing but a new sacred victim whose death will create more hype for Belorussian opposition.