Pfizer Submits Vaccine Trial Data For Kids As Young As 5; Sanofi Abandons Development Of mRNA Jab

Yesterday while receiving his Pfizer booster jab during a live-streamed media event, President Biden let slip that he believes the US will need to see more than 97% of Americans fully vaccinated for life to return to “normal”. It’s just the latest politically motivated moving of the goalposts from the Biden Administration as it tries to force as many Americans as possible (all of them, ideally) to accept the jab.

On Tuesday, Pfizer submitted data from its Phase 2/3 trial for minors aged 5 to 11 for its mRNA COVID jab (brand-name: “Comirnaty”) to the FDA, which we suspect will quickly turn around and approve the drug for even younger patients. Back in May, Pfizer finished trials for 12-15-year-olds which allegedly showed the jab was “100% effective” in preventing severe COVID for children in that age group.