On September 24, Iranian Intelligence Minister Esmaeil Khatib warned terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and their sponsors against destabilizing Iran.

“I warn terrorist elements and the sponsors of these groups in the region that any breach of Iran’s security will be met with a firm response by the Iranian armed forces and security services,” the newly-appointed minister told reports, according to RT.

Khatib went on to warn what he called “American and Israeli bases” in Kurdistan against carrying out any act that would threaten Iran, promising an “offensive” response.

The minister also revealed that Iraqi authorities will soon take action against terrorist elements who have been threatening Iran from Kurdistan. He was most likely referring to Kurdish Iranian opposition parties based in the Iraqi region.

“Counter-revolutionary terrorist elements in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region will be disarmed by the Iraqi authorities as soon as possible after the agreements reached recently,” Khatib said.

On September 9, a series of Iranian strikes hit positions of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) in Kurdistan. The strikes, which were carried out by warplanes, artillery and suicide drones, targeted the areas of Sidakan, Choman and Haji Omran in the province of Erbil.

The strikes were carried out following two warnings by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the Kurdistan Region Government.

Khatib’s warnings indicate that Iran is planning to maintain its pressure on the Kurdistan Region Government until the armed presence of Kurdish Iranian opposition parties in the region ends.