Video: Rep. Sara Hannan: Praises Nazi Experiments on Jews? “Produced Results”, So Follow the Science When it Comes to the Covid Vaccine

Rep. Sara Hannan, a Juneau Democrat, appeared to praise the Nazis today in her floor speech about how their experiments on unwilling human victims led to scientific breakthroughs.

“If we go back to the Nuremberg Code and look at some of the experiments conducted by the Nazis and know that there were violations of human dignity, of scientific methodology, yet they produced results,” Hannan said.

She was trying to make the case for following science when it comes to vaccinations and how important science is in general.

Hannan was speaking during the “special orders” part of the House floor session, when she made the remarks, acknowledging the work of Nazis in Germany leading up to World War II.

She then mentioned the late Dr. William Mills.

“A very famous Alaskan doctor – Dr. Mills – who was an expert – word-renown – on frostbite and survival, frequently told that he came to that research as a young doctor looking at science that was conducted on humans, and knowing that it was done in these horrific conditions, yet knowing that it could still benefit us to look at the results of that,” Hannan said.

“And he became this renowned expert on frostbite, knowing that the science was developed by the Nazis – was horrifically done on people who were not voluntary scientific experiments, subjected to conditions where they were placed – where body parts were freezed and they were broken off.”

She seemed to be arguing that the Covid-19 vaccine may have been experimental, like the Nazi work on frozen limbs, but that it led to good outcomes. Listen to her speech to try to discern the entire context, which seems to argue the ends justify the means in science:

Like with the Nazis and their “science,” the forcing of vaccines on people is considered by many to be a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Hannan then went on to contradict herself on her argument as she acknowledged that settled science last year claimed the Covid-19 virus could be picked up from surfaces, while this year, science says that is not the case.

“Sometimes bad science tells us a lot. But just because you don’t like the conclusions of scientific work doesn’t mean it’s experimental,” Hannan said.

But it was the comment that gave a nod to Nazi scientists that caught the attention of critics, who say that Hannan is a social justice warrior who often talks about Nazis, although never in such complimentary terms.

She was responding to Republicans in the House who wanted the House to reaffirm the Nuremberg Code, but Speaker Louise Stutes referred the matter to three committees. Republicans objected to the ruling of the chair but the majority agreed with Stutes, 17-16, with Republican Rep. Kelly Merrick of Eagle River voting with the Democrats to bury the matter in committees that are not meeting.

The vote to bury the Sense of the House in supporting the Nuremberg Code into three committees.

Rep. Sarah Vance had spoken on the topic of medical free choice just before Hannan’s remarks:

By Suzanne Downing Via NewsBreak