The EU Green Health Pass Is The Same As Sanctioning Countries And Thus Illegal & Discriminating

The green health pass is actually just like economic sanctions. You would like to buy a service or just drink coffee, but actually the state says that this is prohibited without papers concerning your health (Green Pass). It resembles the economic sanctions on countries where the EU/NATO and US are waging a physical or hybrid war.

What does that mean? In fact, you can say that the laws and constitution in democratic countries are based on human law, since the French revolution in 1789, stating freedom, equality and fraternity. In 2021 they are declining, these acquired rights are no more. In fact, the decline has already set in immediately after WWII. After 1945 hundreds of wars have been waged, mainly by the US and NATO and the harbinger of wars were economic sanctions. This was outside of Europe and European citizens were not affected, so there has never been much opposition to the inhumane wars and sanctions. One country that has been hit hard is Syria, where after ten years of war inhumane sanctions have been imposed by the EU and US, where people and governments can no longer import their food (much of it except the regional market), so in some cases go hungry and the country is dependent on smuggling and illegal trade , illegal according to the EU and US, but legal according to the country concerned, it is a matter of life or death.

Now it comes close to home for many Europeans. How the government wants to make us believe that (barring exceptions) the vaccination result on Covid-19 is high, in fact, this can’t be right, otherwise they will not massively make propaganda to vaccinatie, after one- and-a-half-year in the so-called pandemic. Economic sanctions are always used when governments can’t come up with anything more. The European population is used to freedom and self-determination, especially the Northern Countries and the Netherlands, to blindly adopt everything the government orders. The only thing they can come up with now is a “Green Pass”, which is basically economic sanctions wrapped in a QR code. People who are not vaccinated have to pay expensive tests for a cup of coffee, or as in some countries, are not ALLOWED in all restaurants, shopping malls, theater, cinema, sports events, amateur sports, care homes (don’t see their mother or father anymore), trains, buses , airplanes and so on. In conclusion, people without Covid vaccination, whether they choose to, or do not tolerate vaccinations, some are allergic, or part of their religion, are excluded from economic life, just like people in Syria, Iraq and formerly Afghanistan, because they choose the wrong leader or in many cases the EU and US wanted to steal their oil, or other resources. That is what has happened with democratic Europe, a warmongering continent, without conscience and ruthless towards the population of other countries and now on their own population.

This is a gross violation against Human Law and gross violation of the many constitutions in the so-called democratic European Countries and resembles a form of communism or fascism. Or actually it’s more like a totalitarian regime, supressing its own citizens. It is also a major violation of the economy, these companies, institutions etc, will have less customers and profit, because many people can no longer buy from them, or use their services. It means many businesses will suffer and may go bankrupt or shut down if they let people in who are unvaccinated. So economic sanctions, which will have a negative effect on many people and as we can see weekly, Europe is in revolt, every week there are demonstrations, which are sometimes “bloody” with many arrests and violence on both sides. The police have now also become part of the totalitarian state and beat up civilians or arrest them for no reason. While serious criminals are not caught and for instance the drug crimes in the Netherlands are high, so are the crimes of the so-called Arab (Kurds) clan in Germany, a mafia style group.

You would think there is an Organization called The European Court of Human Rights, but this court is part of the conspiracy, which consists of : The WHO, OPCW, IMF, Worldbank, UN, ICC and partly the IAEA. These Organizations are in the hands of Western governments and can be seen as part of the deep-state and in control of our society. They are not “human” they are Institutions ruling by their own rules without mercy. Many claims from example: Greece, Italy and France are tuned down. Many health workers issued complaints about the mandatory vaccination, but it was all turned down, using article 39, implying vaccinations are no harm to people (which is never proven) and in some cases is not true, think about allergic people or sick who can’t be vaccinated or have conscientious or religious objection, that apparently no longer counts as human rights.


The green pass is illegal under many constitutions and is a violation of Human Law, which is no longer enforced by major organizations such as the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. The pandemic, if there was a pandemic at all, now after one-and-half-year has not turned out to be the pandemic predicted by the computer models of many Western countries and the WHO. The death toll is 0.3% worldwide and the WHO has even warned several times that the Green pass is not a good idea, nor are the booster vaccinations, because the effect has not been proven. Also, it is still an experimental vaccine from East to West and that is why many people have reservations of conscience and also fear of an experimental vaccine, where the side effects are not always known, that can only be assessed after years. The Green pass is nothing but a disguised Social Credit System, an experiment on the population and has nothing to do with health and should be stopped immediately, people should never be excluded for health reasons period!

By Sonja van den Ende Via