Biden Surgeon General Claims Vaccine Mandates Are “Part Of A Long Tradition” In U.S.

Appearing on NBC News Sunday, Biden Surgeon General Vivek Murthy ludicrously claimed that the government putting requirements on people to take vaccines is a long held American tradition.

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd asked Murthy why Biden has flip flopped on vaccine mandates after previously saying the government shouldn’t get involved in such policies.

Murthy pulled out the stock answer, “from the beginning the president and all of us have said we’ve got to use every lever we have in order to fight this pandemic. And that’s what you see happening right now.”

Murthy added that the coming months would see the Biden adminstration “expanding the vaccination effort through a combination of mandates and access.”

When Todd noted that “some people take the mandate as not a moment of unity, but as sort of a divisive weapon,” Murthy replied “I’d say, Chuck, that the requirements for vaccination are part of a long tradition that we have in this country of taking steps as a collective to keep people safe.”

He reiterated, “we have a tradition in our country, Chuck, of taking steps, you know, as a collective to protect the broader community. And that’s what these requirements represent.” 

Murthy added, “we know that when people wear masks all together, that gives us our greatest chance of reducing infection. When people get vaccinated, that gives us our greatest chance of keeping workplaces and schools safe. And that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Huh? It’s hard to recall that long held American tradition.


In a further appearance on CNN, Murthy claimed that many businesses are “relieved” that Biden has placed mandates on them to get employees vaccinated, adding “this is what we’ve got to do to go back to normal.”