What’s It All About?

The question is on every thinking person’s minds – though the answer varies. What is this all about?

The Push for the Jab?

The most benign explanation is that they – the pharmaceutical cartels that wield shocking influence over the government – are determined to use the government they bought and paid for to get a return on their investment, via enshrining mandatory and universal forced-medicine. People are fools if they believe that this is a one-time thing.

I have been screaming into the wind for decades about the importance of understanding precedents. If they can make you do A then they can make you do A1. So, if it becomes a requirement that you roll up your sleeve for this Jab, you will be required to roll up your sleeve for future Jabs – and perhaps much more than just Jabs.


If, after all, the precedent is established that you must submit to a medical procedure because you might otherwise get sick and might otherwise get others sick, then other medical procedures will be similarly required – and justified on he same basis. If the precedent is accepted, there is no way to argue against such an expansion – the principle of the thing having been conceded.

It is like the income tax, or the property tax on your home or any other tax. If the principle is accepted that you “owe” the government a penny because the government decrees you “owe” it a penny, what is to prevent it from decreeing you “owe” it a dollar? If the precedent is allowed to stand that the government can just take your penny, there is no principled objection to it taking more.

What will prevent the pharmaceutical cartels that have bought and paid for the government (as well as the corporate “mainstream” media, which serves as its propaganda arm) from using the government – and media – again? To coerce your rolling up of your sleeve, again? If you accept this Jab as the condition of retaining or obtaining employment, upon what logical basis will you refuse to accept the next – and the one after that?

There are $billions$ at stake – and that alone could account for the fervent push to force

everyone to roll up their sleeves, just this once. Because the money (and control) interests pushing it know that’s all they have to do in order to make sleeve-rolling a habitual, normalized part of life.

Like taxes.

There may well be more to it than just money – and the control it will enable over the lives of every American who is compelled to work in order to earn his daily bread. We certainly know it is not about our “health,” a fatuity that would be funny were it not for the tens of thousands of deaths and serious, life-altering Adverse Events (as these are styled) that are undeniably associated with the Jab. It is ridiculous – it is evil – to demand that people who are perfectly healthy and whose health is in little, if any, serious jeopardy from a sickness that does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population take the risk of being Jabbed.

Imagine the government ordering people to buy and drive a car that has racked up a body count even 1 percent of the total reported to VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System. Well, take that back. The government has effectively ordered people to buy and drive electric cars – which present a known and inherent risk of fire, due to the nature of high-capacity electric car batteries and the known fire risk associated with “fast” charging them. The government has also turned a blind eye to the known risk of defective air bags, which it recalled but which it also refused to allow to be disabled until they could be replaced.

The reason for that being the precedent that would be set, if it did allow it. The government cannot admit error anymore than Dracula can sunbathe. It would be to concede non-omniscience. That it does not always know best. That its decisions sometimes result in  . . . adverse effects.

This may also explain the Push to Jab.

The government (and corporate mass media) created a mass panic which included a slew of draconian measures, all of them premised on the fiction that a Black Death was circulating. The fact that it was a fictional Black Death is made obvious by the health of people who never “masked” – and who have not been Jabbed. It is obviously ridiculous to prattle on about Black Death being everywhere when there are so many obviously still-healthy Unjabbed people everywhere.

They undermine the lie that the only way to stave off the Black Death is universal Jabbing.

If they are successful, it will not matter that people continue to get sick. That can be blamed on the Delta, Mu and What-Have-You “variants,” which will then provide neat justification for further sleeve-rolling, ad infinitum.

Ka-ching for the pharmaceutical cartels. A heavy carpet over the truth for the government and media that are its bought and paid for adjutants.

That is sufficient – and sufficiently evil – to explain all of it.

Though of course there may still be much more to it.

by Eric Peters