Video: Psaki Declares Government Will Make Employers Enforce Vaccine Mandates

After Joe Biden announced that all companies with more than 100 employees will be mandated to get employees vaccinated against COVID, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the government has the power to enforce the move, to which she replied emphatically ‘yes’.

The reporter asked Psaki, “How bold is the president willing to be as far as the private sector is concerned in the vaccine mandate area, even if they don’t have federal contracts. Can the Department of Labor or anyone else compel major employers, large employers, to force the vaccine mandates on their employees?”

“Yes,” Psaki said, adding simply “Stay tuned.”


During a speech Thursday night, Biden declared that “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” Biden further threatened., adding “And you’re refusal has cost all of us. So, please do the right thing. But just don’t take it from me. Listen to the voices of unvaccinated Americans who are lying in hospital beds saying, ‘If only I got vaccinated… if only.’”

During the speech, Biden also pushed booster shots, vaccines for school children over the age of 12, and announced that the option of presenting a negative test instead of proof of vaccination will be removed for federal workers.

Biden will also sign an executive order directing the same vaccine requirement be applied to employees of contractors who do business with the federal government.

According to Biden’s Covid response director Jeff Zients, employers can be fined up to $14,000 if mandates are violated:

There is one way to avoid the mandates: