Twenty Years After 9/11, Afghanistan Has Been Liberated By The Afghans

9 September 2021 marks the twentieth anniversary and the end of the War on Terror, which began with the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, in New York, USA.

The war on terror started on 9/11 with the invasion of Afghanistan, where Osama Bin Laden, the instigator of the attack on the World Trade Center would be located. Osama Bin Laden, the son of a Saudi multimillionaire, was trained by the CIA in the 1990s. In the seventies of the last century, the CIA trained the so-called Mujahedin to fight against the then Soviet Union, which occupied Afghanistan. In 1979 Osama left for Pakistan, where he joined Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, the “Godhfather” of Jihad and the start of Al-Qaeda. He used his money to support the mujahideen in Afghanistan in their fight against the Soviet Union. From 1979 to 1989, the United States also provided military support and funding direct through the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s intelligence agency. Bin Laden had meetings and a good relationship with Hamid Gul, the head of the ISI at the time.

The aim of the War on Terror was, according to the US Administration and several news sites, to wipe out the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. According to then President George W. Bush, on 10/11/01 he made the following statement: “The world has responded with an unprecedented coalition against international terrorism”. In the first 100 days of the war, President George W. Bush increased America’s homeland security and built a worldwide coalition the aims:

  • To destroy al-Qaeda’s grip on Afghanistan by driving the Taliban from power.

  • Disrupt al-Qaeda’s global operations and terrorist financing networks.

  • Destroy al-Qaeda terrorist training camps.

  • Help the innocent people of Afghanistan recover from the Taliban’s reign of terror.

  • Help Afghans put aside long-standing differences to form a new interim government that represents all Afghans – including women.

A noble aim, you would say, but it turned out to be very nasty, mainly because the CIA and US trained what would be al-Qaeda, in 2001 there was NO al-Qaeda, so why come-up with al-Qaeda and confuse them with the Taliban? A confluence of circumstances, the ingredients of which were the efforts and ideas of Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, the money of Osama bin Laden and the military support of the CIA, thus laid the foundations for what in 2001 would be called Al-Qaeda, by the US and Western world. All three parties worked close together and that’s why many people say, Al-Qaeda is MADE by the US. They are right, they turned the Mujahedin into Al-Qaeda and started the War on Terror.

U.S. president Barack Obama announced on 23 May 2013 that the War on Terror was over, saying the military and intelligence agencies will not wage war against a country but will instead focus (killing by drones) on a specific group of networks determined to destroy the US. This turned out to be Libya and Syria. Iraq and Afghanistan had already been devastated by the War on Terror. The War on Terror was not over even though the reassuring words of Obama said so. Guantanamo Bay is still there, Muslims are the victim of unfounded allegations and transferred to Guantanamo Bay, or to many unknown sites in mainly Eastern European countries, a crime against humanity, which was never acknowledged for by the US and its allies NATO.

Now comes a very interesting statement which is not interesting but a devastating document and should according to this document, punish all the perpetrators, who planned the War on Terror, a new Nuremberg Trial should be held:

According to a 2021 study conducted of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the several post-9/11 wars participated in by the United States in its war against terror have caused the displacement, conservatively calculated, of 38 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and the PhilippinesThe study estimated these wars caused the deaths of 897,000 to 929,000 people, including over 364,000 civilians, and cost $8 trillion dollars.

This is just an estimate and the figures are most likely much higher. Because, during the reign of Obama, the drone attack from Ramstein air-base in Germany intensified. Ramstein is the largest base of the US in Europe and that’s why many people in Germany argue that Germany is still occupied by the US, which is actually the case, if you consider this.

The so-called Arab Spring is part of the War on Terror, coup d’etats were supported and so-called “color-revolutions” sponsored by Western countries and the deep-state, which consist of mullti-millionaires, in this case George Soros. Perhaps the revolution in Egypt was the only genuine one, the rest was staged and part of the plan, the Axis of Evil, laid out by George Bush Jr. he announced which countries would be destroyed and most of them were destroyed, robbed out and bombed back to the stone-age!


The US and its ally NATO have left a trail of murder, destruction and the greatest refugee crisis in modern history, the devastation has never been greater since 2001. A tribunal would be in order to honor the victims of these massacres. But that’s an utopia. The cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan, without making a deal with all parties, is the testimony to the criminal acts of the US and NATO. The US and its ally NATO have left a trail of murder, destruction and the greatest refugee crisis in modern history, the devastation has never been greater since 2001. They replaced the War on Terror with the C-19-War, to terrorize people in their home countries, to replace the economy , which was based on oil, from the invaded countries, with electric cars and solar-power. Which will see another robbery for the Cobalt. The EU and US are out of control, due to the influx of many refugees and can’t cope, so to keep the people under control, you set-up a totalitarian state and use technology, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control the people and tell them there is a deadly virus. A new war, a new PSYOP, the Covid-19 War, planned at Event 201 in 2019.

By Sonja van den Ende Via