Moving target

The end of Covid is nigh, thanks to the miracle of vaccines. Just ask Dr. Anthony Fauci. Then ask him again. And again. And…

Hedge fund managers sometimes joke the stock market has predicted nine of the last five recessions.

And then there’s Anthony Fauci.

Here he is on Nov. 12, 2020 – just after Pfizer released the first data showing its vaccines were 90-plus percent effective (don’t ask at what):



Can you be more specific, doc?

He sure could.

A month later:


If America’s Doctor (TM) says it, you can believe it!

Maybe. Three months later – in March 2021, about when we were supposed to be hitting herd immunity – we were a mere four to six months away!

Woke math is the best.

And here we are, in late summer, heading for early fall. Pandemic’s gotta be over, right? Let’s partaaaay! Hot Vaxxed Fall!

Yeah, about that…

It’s almost as if the vaccines aren’t helping at all.


But that can’t be right.

by Alex Berenson