Watchdog Blasts BBC After It Declares “Vaccine Passports To Start This Month”

Privacy watchdog Big Brother Watch has blasted the BBC after the state funded broadcaster announced that vaccine passports are to simply “start” taking effect in England this month.

The BBC posted an article detailing the comments of the UK vaccines minister that there are moves to force nightclubs and live events venues to adopt the measures by the end of September.

The piece states “vaccine passports in nightclubs and other indoor venues in England will be required at the end of this month” and carries the headline ‘Covid-19: Vaccine passports to start in England this month’.

Responding on Twitter, Big Brother Watch wrote:

Thanks @BBCNews, but we live in something called a “parliamentary democracy” which means introducing internal health passports isn’t something ministers can just “start” but something parliament has to vote on. We’ll fight tooth and nail for the Government to lose that vote.

Reports indicate that many nightclubs and venues such as theatres, already under immense strain after being closed for the best part of a year, will not survive the introduction of what are effectively COVID ID cards.

The Telegraph reports that hospitality chiefs say the move would be a “further nail in the coffin” for many live venues such as theatres, while nightclubs face empty dance floors and a further struggle to find fully vaccinated staff and extra security to enforce vaccine passports.

Big Brother Watch head Silkie Carlo explained the pitfalls of compulsory vaccine passports last week after Scotland announced it will enforce them, describing the move as “completely reckless, divisive, discriminatory and coercive.”